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Commercial Cleaning Services Lexington, Kentucky

When you need the very best in commercial cleaning, Coverall® of Lexington has you covered. Following CDC and AORN guidelines for removing pathogens, we use hospital-grade disinfectants, HEPA-filtered backpack vacuums, color-coded microfibers, and no-dip mops to remove dust from surfaces, floors, and high touch-points without cross-contamination. This strict cleaning protocol, known as our Core 4® Process, is taught across our vast network of independent Franchise Business Owners so you can expect the same quality standards wherever your business is located. 

With over 36 years in the commercial cleaning industry, Lexington-area schools, medical facilities, retail shops, office buildings, and other businesses trust Coverall to deliver the Health-Based Clean® they need to help ensure the health and safety of their staff and visitors. In addition to Lexington proper, Coverall Franchise Owners provide services to Jeffersonville, Versailles, Nicholasville, Willmore, Paris, Mt. Sterling, Frankfort, and Winchester, to name a few. Call your Lexington Support Center today for a free and easy price estimate. 

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What's included in our everyday services?

Our customized cleaning programs take into consideration areas that are highly trafficked and in need of everyday professional cleaning. Cleaning programs that include disinfecting high-touch points and common areas can also be included in daily cleaning services.


The hard floors in any space can become dirty after a busy day of high foot traffic. Taking time to clean and care for each floor type preserves longevity of the floor and provides your business and brand with a professional, clean space.


High-traffic areas show debris brought in on patrons’ shoes and can detract from the professional appeal of your office.


Most cleaning services will address dust that collects on and around surfaces. Some use more reliable methods for actually removing dust—rather than just spreading it around—which can help reduce allergens.

Trash Removal

Stinky garbage left in your workplace overnight can be quite a surprise in the morning. Removing waste, cleaning receptacles and replacing bags after each workday can make a huge difference.

Standard Wiping

A regular wipe-down gets rid of residue and grime. However, using disinfectants and the right cleaning tools can also remove bacteria and viruses that cause illness.

On-demand cleaning and preventative
maintenance services

In addition to our standard service plans, Coverall offers additional services such as On-Demand Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance Services. On-Demand services are scheduled on an “as needed” basis, such as in the event of contamination where an entire office or room within a space requires urgent electrostatic disinfection. Preventative Maintenance focuses on periodic hard floor care, carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and window washing.

If you own or manage a business in and around Lexington, Kentucky trust Coverall to provide the commercial clean every business needs. Lexington Coverall Franchise Owners are ready to get started as soon as you are. Request your free, easy, and hassle-free commercial cleaning quote today. 

  • Disinfecting Electrostatic Sprayer that eliminates 99.9% of pathogens in minutes.
  • Deep Clean services for special attention to high touch points and common areas.
  • Contamination Clean for removing known pathogens like COVID-19, biohazards or body fluids.
  • Day Porter available to provide additional cleaning services beyond your regular service.

Coverall's Core 4® Process

Our uniquely formulated four-point cleaning process ensures that every visit to your facility follows a strict and proven sanitation protocol. We have perfected this method to ensure that every space within your building is free of dirt, germs, and messes.

Kills germs, uses EPA-registered chemicals and features OSHA packaging and labels.
Microfiber Cloths
Picks up 99% of soils, helps prevent germs from spreading and is environmentally friendly.
Flat Mop
Cleans hard-to-reach places, never uses dirty water and reduces cross-contamination.
4HEPA Backpack
Captures particles to reduce dust, helps Improve indoor air quality and quieter than most vacuums.

Our commercial cleaning system is also designed to pay close attention to high-touch point areas that can be common areas for spreading germs and viruses - such as telephones, keyboards, elevator buttons, light switches, doorknobs, and faucets.

Lexington-area businesses can rely on Coverall®

While Coverall is a natural favorite amongst medical centers, servicing more than 14,000 medical facilities, our in-depth, scientific cleaning methods are also favored amongst other businesses and buildings that serve the public and wish to maintain a healthy environment for patrons and employees. We serve several types of buildings and industries across Lexington, KY, including: