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Whether it’s a lecture hall, the library or common study areas, germs pose a risk to the health and safety of students, faculty and staff. With so much ground to cover on a college, university or trade school campus, it can be challenging to get thorough, effective cleaning and disinfecting services.

Coverall is the exception, however. Our range of cleaning services for schools can be customized to the university setting, factoring in your institution’s unique cleaning needs. Our Franchise Business Owners adhere to advanced cleaning protocols and use highly effective tools and chemistry to deliver a thorough clean every time, so students can focus on their studies without the distraction of getting sick, and faculty and staff can perform their duties to the best of their ability.


Campus Cleaning Procedures: The Core 4® Process

Coverall’s proprietary Health-Based Cleaning System® is built on CDC and AORN guidelines for a hospital-grade clean. Our Franchise Business Owners employ the following critical cleaning components to limit the spread of germs among students, faculty and staff:


  1. EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants that kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  2. Color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to trap and remove 99% of bacteria and dirt while preventing germ spread.
  3. No-dip flat mops, which clean floors without using dirty water, minimizing cross-contamination.
  4. HEPA backpack vacuums to capture 99% dust and other airborne particles, improving air quality.


Campuses are buzzing with activity at all times. That’s why Coverall’s cleaning professionals go the extra mile to ensure spaces are hygienically safe and healthy, paying extra attention to the busiest areas.

Classrooms and Hallways
With students and faculty shuffling in and out of these spaces all day long, classrooms and hallways are two of the areas most in need of everyday cleaning and disinfecting services on campus.
Dining Halls
Everyone has to eat, which is why campus dining halls are prone to becoming dirt-and-germ hotspots. With campus cleaning services that pay special attention to high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces, students can enjoy their meals in a safer, healthier environment.
Where there’s food, chatter and general gathering, there’s a risk of germs spreading. Whether it's the routine disinfecting included in your everyday services, or deep cleaning to fulfill a specific need, Coverall can be there to effectively deliver.
Residence Hall Lobbies
Coverall can provide a range of much-needed cleaning services to this common area, which is regularly exposed to dirt, debris and germs as residents come and go throughout the day. From a disinfecting wipe-down to floor care that combats wear-and-tear from constant foot traffic, we can customize your cleaning program to your needs.
Public restrooms are consistently the germiest places in any environment. This is especially the case on a busy campus, where they’re frequently in use. Rely on Coverall’s powerful Core 4® Cleaning Process to keep these spaces fresh and limit the spread of germs.
Student Unions
Intended as spaces for students to come together, but also a key stop for prospective students visiting with their families, these facilities require consistent cleaning to offer a healthy gathering environment, as well as preventative maintenance services to ensure floors, windows and upholstered furniture always look their best.
Study Rooms
Study rooms often see some of the most foot traffic on campus. Whether students are camped out here for hours on end or multiple groups rotate in throughout the day, study rooms provide the best experience when their surfaces are regularly dusted, wiped down and disinfected.
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Coverall’s Commercial Cleaning Services

Campuses are buzzing with activity at all times. That’s why Coverall’s cleaning professionals go the extra mile to ensure spaces are hygienically safe and healthy, paying extra attention to the busiest areas.

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