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Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial assembly area


Industrial plants harbor germs and bacteria that can make facilities look and smell bad, as well as spread illness that reduces productivity. Coverall has 30 years of experience tackling the biggest, toughest and most diverse industrial workspaces.

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Four workers walking in a storage warehouse
Empty warehouse

Safety and Productivity.

A clean workspace is a safe one. Did you know that 95 million workdays are lost due to slip-and-fall accidents each year? Improper cleaning products and techniques can affect floor finish, creating slippery surfaces. The Coverall® Program can help make sure your facility’s floors are properly cleaned. Our Owners are equipped with the right tools and processes to tackle your space.

Workplaces of any size and type can benefit from the coverall program.

Facility Floors
Large warehouses and industrial floors can seem hard to get clean. Coverall uses the latest equipment and techniques to ensure your floors are clean - creating a safe environment for all.
Loading Docks
Warehouses need love too! Keeping your floors and warehouse space clean and reducing hazards can promote a safe and healthy workplace. Count on your Coverall business owners cleaning crew to keep your floors on point and your garbage cans emptied, as well as a variety of additional special services.
Storage Facilities
Appearance plays a large part when taking care of customers inventory. Give them peace of mind knowing their items are in a place that is clean and fresh.
Provide a safe and clean workplace for your employees in an often forgotten about space. Reduce dirt and grime, and control spills and messes with a Coverall clean.
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