Shopping Center Cleaning Services

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Strip malls, large retail chains and small businesses all rely on foot traffic to drive sales, and making a good first impression is essential. When shoppers mingle and move through stores, they bring potential business—but also dirt and germs. To keep customers coming back, it's important to maintain clean common spaces that they feel good about visiting. Coverall® provides professional shopping center cleaning services to keep shops looking their best with consistent and thorough cleaning of seating, frequently touched surfaces and high-traffic floors. Our skilled Franchise Business Owners use the latest in cleaning technology and methods to deliver a superior clean that keeps your shopping center looking its best.


OUR CORE 4® Cleaning Process Keeps Your Shopping Center Clean

Coverall’s proprietary Health Based Cleaning System® is built on CDC and AORN guidelines for a hospital-grade clean. Our Franchise Business Owners apply these specialized cleaning strategies to reduce the spread of germs among guests.

  1. EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants that kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  2. Color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths that trap and remove 99% of bacteria and dirt.
  3. No-dip flat mops, which clean floors without using dirty water, minimizing cross-contamination.
  4. HEPA backpack vacuums that capture 99% of dust and other airborne particles, improving air quality.

Cleaning Services for Strip Malls and Other Retail Spaces

Coverall Franchise Business Owners are fully prepared to meet the specialized cleaning requirements of a wide range of industries. Here are some of the most common hotspots we pay special attention to in small shopping centers and other retail spaces.

Flooring in shopping centers is one of the most visible indicators of cleanliness. Thorough floor cleaning removes scuffs and stains, ensuring a polished look that withstands the high foot traffic of shoppers. Effective maintenance also protects flooring materials, prolonging their life and reducing the need for costly replacements.
Display windows are the focal point of small shops, offering a peek into the unique products and services inside. Sparkling windows not only draw in passersby, but also let in sunlight to illuminate the shop's interior. Professional window cleaning services focus on ground floor exteriors and interiors, removing fingerprints, dust and smudges to create a welcoming and radiant atmosphere for your customers.
Day Porter Services
Keep a spotless space with day porter services. Day, dirt, debris and germs can accumulate throughout the day. Day porters provide same-day cleaning services that maintain your business's appearance in between regular cleanings. They perform additional tidying and maintenance, including sanitizing common areas like restrooms and common areas, vacuuming and mopping, emptying trash containers and restocking supplies, ensuring your space looks its best at all times.
Garbage Removal
Efficient garbage removal is essential in maintaining a pleasant shopping atmosphere. Shopping centers generate significant amounts of waste, and proactive shopping center janitor services are crucial to preventing overflow, reducing odors and maintaining a hygienic environment for consumers and workers alike.
The cleanliness of restrooms in a shopping center is a direct reflection of its overall hygiene standards. Everyday general mall cleaning services are paramount to preventing the spread of germs and ensuring a comfortable and clean environment for shoppers and staff.
Seating Areas
In small shops, furniture adds a touch of homeliness and receives regular use by patrons. Professional upholstery cleaning services can help maintain the charm and cleanliness of quaint seating options like armchairs, small sofas, and cushioned benches, ensuring they remain inviting and fresh-smelling every day.
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Explore Additional Cleaning Services for Shopping Centers

Explore Additional Cleaning Services for Shopping Centers Our range of services have your cleaning needs covered, from carpet and window cleaning, to deeper cleaning and disinfection on-demand.

Contamination Cleaning Services

When your workplace faces direct exposure to pathogens or an outbreak, a comprehensive and reliable contamination cleaning becomes crucial. Ensure the highest level of safety with Coverall Contamination Cleaning Services.

Deep Cleaning Services

Get a comprehensive refresh that includes common areas like checkout counters and dressing rooms to shelving and displays.

Floor Cleaning

Choose from grout scrubbing that targets long-term buildup, carpet cleaning that removes unsightly stains or hard-floor maintenance to restore its shine.

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