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Medical Facilities
Inside a medical operating room

Your Leader In Health-Based Cleaning.

Coverall has set the gold standard for professional hospital-grade cleaning. Our proprietary Health Based Cleaning System® features innovative technology and methods to ensure a germ-free, healthy environment that literally can be the difference between life and death. More than 14,000 outpatient clinics, medical offices, surgical centers and dialysis centers rely on us for a customized cleaning plan to help protect employees and patients.
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Inside a clean hospital hallway
Clean hospital hallway

Coverall’s Core 4® cleaning process.

Coverall’s Health Based Cleaning System® improves infection control and enhances patient care by eliminating the spread of germs among patients, workers and visitors.
Captures 99.97% of airborne pathogens
Eliminates cross-contamination
Prevents spread of bacteria from one surface to another

Workplaces of any size and type can benefit from the coverall program.

Day Surgery/Outpatient Centers
Coverall has the ability to meet the demanding technical and health-related standards of an outpatient surgery center by reducing cross-contamination built on AORN & CDC processes.
A Coverall clean is built on AORN and CDC processes giving you a medical grade, thorough and consistent clean every time – leaving patient care and safety as your number one priority.
Ensuring your children are safe from the spread of germs and illness by using hospital-grade disinfectants that reduce cross-contamination from even your smallest patients.
Veterianarian Centers
Man’s best friend deserves the best clean too. Reduce the spread of illness between pets in common areas and examination rooms by maintaining a clean and safe environment with Coverall.
Dental Offices
Give your patients a clean facility they can smile about. Create a positive impression with proper cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas for patients.
Dialysis Center
Dialysis Centers handle blood & bodily fluids, creating a need for comprehensive infection prevention. A professional clean helps put your patients at ease from the moment they enter the doors.
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