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Work with Your Commercial Cleaning Company to Restart Strong

When it’s time to restart your business following COVID-19 closures, or to return to full capacity, you want to do it right. Restart strong to show your resilience and bring back your customers.

The key to restarting is making a plan, as recommended by the CDC, and the central element of that plan is professional cleaning. You need a commercial cleaning service well versed in the cleaning and disinfecting protocols that the CDC recommends to keep your business clean, healthy and safe. The commercial cleaning company you choose should work with you as partners, developing a cleaning contract with you that supports your ability to restart successfully. Here are the steps to take as you make your restarting plan.

Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

If you’re already a Coverall® customer, you can check this one off the list! By choosing Coverall, you get a commercial cleaning partner that cares about communication, transparency, and tailoring a cleaning contract to your specific needs. We train all of our franchise business owners in our proprietary Core 4Ⓡ process, built on CDC and AORN recommendations for a medical grade clean you can trust.

Communicate and Collaborate on a Cleaning Plan

Communication with your commercial cleaning service provider is critical. When you're making your plan to reopen or return to full capacity, provide as much notice as you can to make sure they can get you back on their schedule on your preferred days and times. Keep them informed and work together on a cleaning plan and schedule that fits your "new normal." You will need to reevaluate your cleaning frequency and types of services, and consider whether you need any additional services.

As you reopen and services restart, keep their number handy. You will want to maintain good communication and feedback with your commercial cleaning company, in case any adjustments are needed.

Refresh Your Knowledge of CDC-Recommended Protocols

Let’s be honest. Last year, understanding the details of cleaning and disinfecting may not have been the most important things on your to do list. Now, they’re top priority. Review a few key points:

Cleaning and disinfecting are both important and should be done in tandem, regularly.
● Cleaning products should be EPA approved.
● These products should be used the correct way by trained and experienced professionals.
● Proper cleaning tools like microfiber cloths and no-dip mops further reduce the risk of spreading germs in the air or on surfaces.
● All high touch areas and germ hotspots need special attention.

The CDC’s guidance for reopening also recommends social distancing, frequent handwashing, and mask wearing. While you do your part, your commercial cleaning service will do theirs!

Consider a Floor-to-Ceiling Full-Service Clean

If your business has been closed for many months, and you’re just reopening for the first time, consider a full, floor-to-ceiling clean before you reopen. A professional commercial cleaning provider can assess all of the potential problem spots in your business and recommend the best way to address each one. Remember, however, that a one-time deep clean is not enough. It takes an ongoing commitment to health and safety to stay open.

Reassure Your Customers and Employees

Consumer confidence levels continue to fluctuate as people debate whether it’s safe to visit public venues. Reassure both customers and employees by making your cleaning procedures transparent. Consider making mention on your website or social media channels that you’re partnering with a commercial cleaning service trained in CDC protocols. Let your employees know what steps you’re taking for their protection, to help reduce their stress and let them be more productive. You can also suggest that your employees mention the cleaning procedures to customers. Those customers may tell their friends and help you spread the word.

Make Coverall Part of Your Reopening Plan

Your Coverall commercial cleaning team is standing by, ready to help you develop a cleaning plan that works for your business. Give them a call today for an in-person or virtual consultation.
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