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How Medical Facilities Keep Clean During the Year

The holiday season is notoriously one of the busiest for emergency rooms and attending healthcare staff, with doctors noting a distinct increase in injuiries during the holidays. In addition to cooking mishaps and decorating catastrophes, doctors report more instances of food poisoning, injuries linked to patients who ignore medical advice, cheat on their prescribed diets, or fail to take their medication. The stress of the holidays can cause injuries linked to sleep deprivation and depression. And finally, excess drinking is responsible for any number of trips to the ER.

The heavy influx of patients and visitors this time of year underscores the importance of keeping medical facilities as clean and safe as possible. Coverall® is among the nation’s leading commercial cleaning service providers, with franchise business owners able to deliver the high standard service healthcare facilities require. Our Health-Based Cleaning System® was designed to clean, sanitize and disinfect a doctor’s office, urgent care, hospital, or other treatment facility.

Why HealthCare Facilities Are Busier Than Ever

The uptick in doctor visits and ER trips at year's end isn’t strictly related to the holidays. Consider these additional factors that keep healthcare facilities so busy.
  • Many patients book their medical appointments after Thanksgiving to take advantage of insurance benefits that expire on January 1.
  • Patients who have been putting off routine medical check-ups due to COVID-19 are now starting to schedule appointments.
  • Inclement weather and dangerous driving conditions are linked to serious car crashes.
  • It’s cold and flu season.
  • As social distancing measures relax, more people are out and more likely to catch a cold or the flu.
  • With more people traveling on the roads, there is a higher incidence of car accident injuries
  • Increasing numbers of patients are scheduling elective surgeries that weren't offered during peak-pandemic periods.

Best Practices for Medical Cleaning

Thorough disinfection in healthcare offices is more than just a patient safety initiative. A clean and healthy environment is critical for the safety of everyone who enters the facility or encounters the patient.
Coverall's network of Franchise Business Owners is your trusted source for professional medical cleaning services. For more than 36 years, healthcare facilities, urgent care clinics, dental offices, dialysis centers, and veterinarians have relied on our scientifically-proven, industry-approved best practices. We built our proprietary Core 4® Process on CDC and AORN guidelines with the goals of maximum pathogen removal and zero cross-contamination.

Our general cleaning services include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, trash removal, and wiping of high touch point surfaces like doorknobs and main entrance doors. Special care is taken around patient rooms, common areas, and medical equipment. We also offer customizable additional cleaning services. For instance, our On-Demand Cleaning Services include deep cleaning of high-touch points, Day Porter services, contamination cleans, and electrostatic sprayer disinfection. Preventative Maintenance Services are available to preserve your hard floors, grout, upholstery, and windows for medical offices requiring such care.

Every Coverall Franchise Owner and their cleaning team are trained in cleaning chemistry and aseptic sanitizing protocols, carry hospital-grade disinfectants, use industry-leading tools, and know the proper procedures for handling potential contaminants. They also receive ISSA Bloodborne Pathogens Certification to eliminate the risk of infectious diseases through contact exposure.

Customized Medical Office Cleaning For the Holiday Season and Beyond

At Coverall, we believe that people should leave their medical facility in better shape than they arrived. Consistent, commercial cleaning by qualified professionals is one way to help meet that goal. Let us help you keep your space clean and healthy through the busy end-of-year rush and beyond.

Contact us today for a free, no-hassle commercial cleaning quote.

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