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Franchise Owner Spotlight, Richard Bennett III, Bennett’s Cleaning Solutions LLC, dba Coverall®

Coverall’s network of Franchise Business Owners includes 8,000 individuals – each with their own story and aspirations. We are so happy to share the remarkable story of Richard Bennett, owner of Bennett’s Cleaning Solutions LLC, dba Coverall. Richard is a dedicated Coverall® Franchise Business Owner based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

With over eight years of business ownership and commercial cleaning experience under his belt, Richard's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to customer satisfaction have set him apart in the industry.

Family Roots and Entrepreneurial Instincts
Richard's journey begins with a strong foundation rooted in his family's entrepreneurial history. Growing up surrounded by the business ventures of his father and grandfather, Richard developed a natural instinct for entrepreneurship. Even as a young boy, he displayed his entrepreneurial flair through ventures like cutting grass, running a paper route, and selling candy in school. It was these early life lessons that planted the seed to eventually start his own janitorial cleaning business.

Transition from City Employment to Franchise Ownership
Prior to embarking on his franchise journey, Richard worked for the city of Norfolk, VA. Taking advantage of the leadership training offered by the city, he honed his abilities, laying the groundwork for his entrepreneurial leap. He was a valuable asset to the city of Norfolk, but he had to follow his inner voice to start his own commercial cleaning business.

Consistency and Leadership
Richard's development as a business owner can be attributed to his unwavering consistency and commitment to leading by example. Inherited from his family, his strong work ethic has been a driving force in how he manages his Coverall franchise. Richard's dedication to solving customer pain points reflects his customer-centric approach, making him a trusted figure and partner for his customers.

Focused on New Opportunities
Looking towards the future, Richard envisions expanding his revenue potential by offering On-Demand Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance Services. His strategic approach involves continually adding services to meet the evolving needs of his customers. This forward-thinking mindset positions Richard as a visionary entrepreneur within the Coverall franchise network.

Coverall Support System
No matter your level of experience, Coverall offers a robust training and support system for all its Franchise Business Owners. One of the standout benefits of starting a franchise with Coverall is the comprehensive support structure in place. Richard acknowledges the importance of training, underscoring how it has contributed to his proficiency as a business owner.

Richard's journey stands as a testament to the possibilities available within the Coverall franchise network. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to share his story and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Richard’s business.

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