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Commercial Cleaning Franchise Empowers Entrepreneur

So many people with dreams of running their own business have determination and drive, but just need a structure for success. Coverall creates that structure. By offering training, low startup costs, billing and collections support, a proven roadmap to follow and more, Coverall is a commercial cleaning franchise that empowers entrepreneurs.
One of these individuals is Melvin Green, owner of MJG Incorporated. In January 2017, Green and his wife opened their business. They quickly secured four accounts, with three full-time employees. While his team was already growing, Green knew he needed the sales, marketing and operational support to truly elevate his commercial cleaning business to its fullest potential. 

Becoming a Coverall commercial cleaning franchise owner gave Green and his wife the support and flexibility they needed to grow. 

“Coverall offered incredible service and the opportunity to open where I wanted to,” says Green. “I met with the Coverall team and knew this would be a great fit.”

Like many entrepreneurs, fear and a lack of confidence held Green back from becoming a business owner sooner.

“Coverall makes me feel like family, I’m not alone,” says Green. “I call the office and I know someone will be there to offer me support, words of encouragement, and most importantly – answer my questions.”

Similar to other Coverall franchise owners, Green and his wife work together to get the job done– making this business truly a family affair. He says she is the rock of their operation. 

“She oversees the daily operations of our largest account, not only managing customer relations, but going door-to-door to do the night cleaning for several other accounts.”

For so many people, the standard 9-to-5 schedule or constantly being tied to a desk isn’t the ideal work environment and Green is no different. He thrives with autonomy. 

“The biggest benefits are the flexibility and freedom that come with owning my own business,” advises Green. “Don’t be afraid to reach out for advice, have a go-getter attitude and learn from your mistakes.”

See if a Commercial Cleaning Franchise is Right for You 

Running your own business doesn’t have to be a far-fetched dream. You can have your own commercial cleaning franchise just like Green and his wife. Run your own Coverall franchise and get the training and support needed to lead a business while enjoying the benefits of flexibility and freedom.
Posted: 1/29/2019 12:00:00 PM by Kevin Hourigan | with 0 comments