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How Coverall Supports Cleaning Franchise Business Owners

Choosing to start a cleaning franchise business is a highly personal decision and one you will surely consider thoroughly. It’s exciting to think about supporting your family with a business that can be as big as you want it to be. How will it feel to be the boss, to make your own choices each day, and to hire the people you want and feel will make good employees?

When owning a Coverall cleaning franchise you do not have to go it alone—far from it! You will become part of a community of franchise business owners who are supported throughout every step of the ownership journey.

If you want to invest in a cleaning franchise but are wondering if Coverall is the best option, consider the ways in which Coverall invests in you. Learn more about the support you’ll receive as a Coverall franchise business owner. 

Operational support

With Coverall, you already start a step ahead. From day one, you have the backing of an established brand, trusted for more than 35 years. We help you through the startup process and connect you with an initial customer base. We provide certifications you need to operate a cleaning business and a set process for success. You will also get local support from a field center in your region.

Training and mentorship support

You don’t need any experience, because we’ll show you how to run a commercial cleaning business. We’ll walk you through six to eight weeks of getting familiar with chemicals, products and equipment. You also get the advantage of certification in Coverall’s Core 4® Process, our proprietary cleaning system that sets your business apart from other commercial cleaners.

Training doesn’t end when you launch your business, however. You will get ongoing opportunities to improve, including one-on-one mentoring. And, we will teach you how to bid on customers, sell services, and demonstrate special services.

Marketing support

Then, we will support you in getting the word out to build your customer base, through advertising and developing sales materials for you to market locally. We offer a variety of marketing materials, including our blog, which includes many helpful articles about commercial cleaning for potential clients, to educate them on the benefits and differences in commercial cleaning delivery.

Billing and collections support

One of the most stressful aspects of owning a business can be the monthly billing. It can consume valuable time and sometimes creates enormous stress. However, as a Coverall franchised business owner, you get a dedicated team to handle invoicing, collections, monthly statements and reconciling at the end of the month. 

Choosing the Right Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

When selecting a cleaning franchise opportunity, vetting the kind of support they provide is an indispensable part of making your choice. Not all of them offer the same types of comprehensive support as what Coverall offers.

A franchise is an investment in you and your family that you can pass down for generations. If you want to start a business with no experience necessary, look no further. We’re committed to supporting our owners in being the best they can in the industry. 
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