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Should You Buy a Franchise During a Pandemic?

There are many reasons to consider franchise business ownership in 2021. Perhaps you’ve dreamed about starting your own business, or maybe you’ve recently found yourself out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of how you arrived this point, if you’re asking yourself whether it’s a good idea to buy a franchise now, during a pandemic. These are some key questions you should ask.

What Type of Industry Makes the Most Sense Right Now?

If you’re still in the early stages of researching franchise opportunities, you can narrow the search by thinking about the current climate. Starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business that relies on heavy foot traffic may pose a challenge. With a home-based franchise business, you will not need to worry about whether you can stay open amid fluctuating business restrictions, curfews, and temporary closures. You will always be “open” as long as potential customers can call or email you.  

Opting for a service-based business removes one more layer of concern, since you don’t have to store inventory or worry about product spoilage. You can conduct business simply, from a small home office, garage or basement, during this pandemic and during any unexpected future events.

How Much In-Person Contact is Required?

During a pandemic, or even an intense flu season, many people seek to reduce their contact with others. When you envision yourself running your franchise business, consider how much you will need to interact with others. Will you serve hundreds of customers a day, or set up appointments by phone and then provide services during off hours? You can also take into account how many employees you will have and their level of contact. As a commercial cleaning business owner, for example, you will likely visit clients before or after their business hours, making it easier to socially distance and interact with fewer people. And if you are lucky enough to employ members of your immediate family, you can stay in your “bubble” even when you’re working.

What Will it Take to Find Customers?

Physically knocking on doors seeking clients or customers may not be possible during a pandemic. Instead, a better way to get off to a good start with finding customers is to choose a franchise with a longstanding reputation. Franchise Gator recommends choosing a franchise with name recognition, which it calls “built-in branding.” 

In addition, when selecting a franchise, ask them whether they offer the opportunity to purchase leads or additional business or otherwise provide assistance in marketing locally to help obtain business. Some franchisors handle a lot of the heavy lifting in this area.

Is This an Essential Service?

A smart move when choosing what type of franchise business to start is to pick an essential service. Franchise Brokers Association confirms this, saying, “Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, right now the most viable option for those still looking to purchase a franchise is to choose one that’s considered an essential business.” 

Commercial cleaning fits this description, now more than ever, since business owners and customers alike appreciate the importance of cleaning and disinfecting for health and safety reasons. While it’s true that some customers of commercial cleaning businesses may close temporarily during a pandemic, many others must remain open: hospitals, dialysis centers, urgent care facilities, grocery and convenience stores, hardware stores, shipping centers, and gas stations, to name a few. These industries have learned that professional commercial cleaning services are a must to keep their workplaces clean, healthy and safe, and that doing it themselves is not sufficient anymore.

Is There an Opportunity to Help Others?

Challenging times inspire many people to engage in helping others and supporting their community in some way. If helping is in your nature, look for a franchise business opportunity where you get to provide an essential service that reduces business owners’ stress and shortens their to-do list. In addition, you could potentially provide jobs for people in need of work, or discover other ways to make a difference through your franchise business. Calls Coverall® One of the Best Franchises to Open During a Pandemic

The website says that a global crisis can spark opportunity for “resilient and creative individuals with an innovation-oriented mindset.” In their article The Best Franchises to Open During the Pandemic, cleaning franchises top the list. They specifically highlight Coverall, calling it “one of the most respected franchisors of professional office cleaning companies.”

As you can see, there are many benefits to owning a commercial cleaning franchise business. Owning a Coverall franchise can let you:
  • Be part of a relevant, in-demand industry
  • Avoid the overhead of a brick-and-mortar business
  • Provide an essential service
  • Minimize contact and maintain social distancing
  • Get comprehensively trained on tried and true cleaning and disinfecting Coverall Core 4® protocols, built on CDC and AORN guidelines
  • Get support as you start and run your business
  • Hire within your own community
If you’ve decided you're ready to start your commercial cleaning franchise business, contact Coverall today to move closer to your goal of owning a commercial cleaning franchise.

[1]See Franchise Disclosure Document for details.
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