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Why Office Disinfection Should Be Handled By Professionals

Professional office cleaning services are the best way to ensure proper office disinfection. However, many companies overlook the value of these services and instead try to handle office sanitization on their own. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough to keep your employees and visitors safe from bacteria, germs and viruses. Here’s why you should trust professional office cleaning services to ensure your office space is properly cleaned.

How Do You Disinfect an Office?

Disinfection of an office requires specialized chemicals to kill harmful germs and bacteria. While “cleaning” and “disinfecting” are often used interchangeably, the two processes are not necessarily synonymous. To properly disinfect an office, it is necessary to use an EPA-registered disinfectant. These solutions have been tested to kill common pathogens by breaking down the bacteria and viruses on a cellular level to prevent spread.

Three Reasons Why Commercial Office Disinfection Services Are a Valuable Investment

Enlist professionals to clean your office. Properly trained personnel like Coverall®-trained Franchise Business Owners are a valuable resource who can address your specific needs and budget. Here are three reasons why professional office cleaning services are better for office disinfection.

1. Knowledge and Training
Preventing the flu and other illnesses in an office setting can be challenging without the proper knowledge and training to do the job correctly. While an in-house team may be able to follow a checklist with reasonable competency, a deep office cleaning provided by Coverall’s Franchise Business Owners can ensure proper removal of pathogens. Ongoing training on best practices for cleaning, sanitization and disinfection results in a more thorough clean than would otherwise be possible.

2. Proper Tools and Procedures
Effective disinfection requires the right tools for the job. With Coverall’s proprietary Core 4® Process, this means hospital-grade disinfectants that kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to trap and remove 99% of bacteria and dirt and HEPA backpack vacuums to capture 99% of dust and airborne particles. Additionally, Coverall professionals understand the importance of minimizing cross-contamination, which is why they use no-dip flat mops that allow floors to be cleaned without the use of dirty water.

Cleaning frequently-used areas is critical to preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. An in-house cleaning checklist simply isn’t enough to get the job done properly in most cases.

3. Time and Money Savings
At the end of the day, business is about making money, and time is money. One of the best reasons to hire commercial cleaning services for your business is time and money savings. While this may seem counterintuitive at first, it becomes more apparent when you consider the big picture.

Influenza affects 8% of the population each year and costs the economy $17 billion dollars per year. These numbers are only part of the picture. Presenteeism, the term for employees choosing to work while sick, may account for even greater losses than absenteeism. Building a healthy company culture can address some of the problem, but creating a healthier office environment is just as important.

Even small offices can benefit from professional cleaning services. Often, many of these companies choose to have their own employees clean their office space. While this may seem cost effective at first, it’s important to consider the opportunity costs in this scenario. Every minute your employees spend on everyday cleaning is a minute less they can spend doing the job you hired them to do.

Find Professional Office Cleaning Services Near You

Office cleanliness is good for business. While some companies may still choose to take a DIY approach to office cleaning, others recognize the value in trusting expertly trained professionals for the different types of cleaning services necessary to keep an office looking and operating its best.

If you understand the importance of premium office disinfection and cleaning services, contact Coverall to get a free quote and learn more about Coverall’s Health-Based Cleaning System®. A Franchise Business Owner will work with you to balance your office cleaning needs with your budget to create an ideal service plan for your business.
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