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10 Benefits of Owning a Commercial Cleaning Franchise Business

This is your chance to be an essential service provider. Now is the time to get into the high-demand industry of commercial cleaning by becoming a Coverall franchise business owner. If you’ve ever considered starting your own commercial cleaning franchise business, take a moment to understand these significant benefits.

1. Become an Essential Service Provider

Being a part of an industry where you feel valued and challenged can make you eager to get out of bed every morning. Start your day ready to help businesses reopen, stay open and help keep people healthy. Commercial cleaning is recognized as an essential service and valued now more than ever before.

2. Make a Fresh Start

Whether you have a job, you’re looking for a career change, or you’re one of the many who lost a job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you have the chance for a fresh start with an exciting new business. Regardless of your professional background, you can make this move with no commercial cleaning experience.

3. Enjoy Independence and Flexibility

As a franchise business owner, you call the shots. You get to make certain decisions about how to operate your business, with the benefit of Coverall’s proven business model and branding. Managing your own schedule and making important decisions will let you experience a freedom that few other careers can offer.

4. Get Training and Ongoing Support

Opening a business can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it, but no experience is needed to become a Coverall franchise business owner. With Coverall, you will receive the guidance from a team that knows commercial cleaning inside and out. Even if you’re new to commercial cleaning, Coverall is there every step of the way to provide training and support for business operations.

5. Benefit from Brand Recognition

Coverall is an established name with a proven track record of more than 35 years. Starting a business from scratch, you would have to build that recognition from the ground up. Independent business owners service over 50,000 satisfied customers, including more than 14,000 outpatient clinics, medical offices, surgical centers and dialysis centers.

6. Help Your Family, Friends and Community

When you’re an entrepreneur, you set the pace for how fast your business will grow. You decide on the size of your team and when to hire. This is an excellent opportunity to hire family and friends, and to create jobs in your community. Not only are you growing as an entrepreneur, but you will be empowering others in your network and family to grow too. Build a business that you can pass on to future generations.

7. Choose from Multiple Financing Options

With Coverall, there are multiple term options for financing to help you get started on your path to business ownership. Start-up costs are lower when compared to other franchises, and you eliminate the expense you would have with a brick-and-mortar business. Coverall also offers discounts for military and veterans.

8. Coverall Offers a Scholarship Program

At Coverall, family is also important to us; that’s why we created The Coverall Foundation Scholarship Program. The program is designed to help children of our franchise business owners receive a higher education. Once you have owned your business for at least a year, you can apply if your child meets the scholarship eligibility requirements.

9. The Process to Get Started is Quick and Easy

Call your local Coverall Support Center to meet our team either in-person or virtually. We will be happy to walk you through our franchise business presentation in either setting. For face-to-face meetings, we will follow all proper safety protocols for social distancing.    

10. Get into a High-Demand Industry at the Perfect Time

Businesses now understand the necessity of commercial cleaning services more than ever before. The safety of their employees and customers takes priority over cost. As an essential service provider, you can help keep businesses open, safe, and thriving. This is a chance to make a difference in your community.
Your training will include our Core 4 process, a proprietary program based on CDC and AORN guidelines and protocols. As businesses reopen and their foot traffic resumes, they will be looking for professional cleaning and disinfecting services they can trust to help keep people safe from viruses.

Choose Coverall for Your Franchise Cleaning Business

Now that you understand they key benefits of owning a commercial cleaning franchise business with Coverall, we look forward to getting to know you. Reach out to us today to get started on your journey to business ownership.

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