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How to Help Limit the Spread of Illnesses in the Workplace

The right way to reopen your business following COVID-19 related shutdowns is to show customers and employees that you’re looking out for their health and safety by combatting germs with proper commercial cleaning methods. Welcome them back with a health-based clean by a Coverall independent business owner. Their delivery of Coverall’s Core 4® cleaning system will help eliminate germs that cause viruses that can spread rapidly in the workplace.

Customers Expect Frequent Cleaning and Disinfecting

Commercial cleaning service is now a necessary investment to make sure your business is able to re-open following the COVID-19 related shutdowns, and continue to operate by providing a clean, healthy and safe environment for employees and customers. Many businesses are enhancing their cleaning programs. Coverall’s Core 4® Process includes it all: cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

In a May 2020 survey, consumers ranked frequent cleaning and sanitizing as the top measure that would make them more likely, or more comfortable, with visiting physical spaces. Also noted, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing must be done correctly, thoroughly and frequently to help reduce the spread of germs, including coronaviruses.

3 Keys to Limiting the Spread of Germs

Besides frequency, the other way to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria is to ensure that your commercial cleaning service includes these three things:

1. The Right Cleaning System

A commercial cleaning provider should use the right tools that both remove and kill germs. For example, Coverall’s Core 4 Process includes the use of:

  • Hospital grade disinfectants to help kill 99.97% of viruses and bacteria

  • Color-coded microfiber cloths to reduce cross contamination in the workplace and picks up 99% of soils

  • No-dip flat mops that clean hard-to-reach places, never use dirty water and prevent cross-contamination

  • A HEPA backpack vacuum system that reduces particulates that removes 99% of airborne pathogens and reduces vacuuming time

2. The Right Business and Cleaning Procedures

A trustworthy commercial cleaning service should not only bring the right tools, but will provide you with a free commercial cleaning quote with a recommended cleaning program, tailored to your cleaning needs and workplace configuration and working to help stop the spread of germs. This may include:

  • Cleaning at the frequency needed: daily, every other day, etc.

  • Size of space to be cleaned and considerations, such as number of restrooms, individual workspaces, breakout areas, an open vs. more confined space, etc.

  • General cleaning

  • High touch point cleaning

  • Cleaning enhancements in common areas

  • Deep cleaning

  • Preventative maintenance

3. The Right Cleaning Team

Coverall trains all franchise business owners in our proprietary Core 4 Process, built on CDC and AORN guidelines. Here are a few other things you should know about our franchise business owners:

  • They are professional cleaning experts.

  • They are supported by the Coverall network. Coverall has been in the franchise business for more than 35 years and has been supporting over 8,000 business owners through 38 regional support centers

  • They are independent business owners, which means their success is driven by passion, determination, and hard work.

  • They are bonded and insured with commercial general liability and surety bonds to help protect your business.

  • Each business owner passes a comprehensive background screening.


Count on Coverall as You Reopen Your Business

Reopening businesses will create an exciting but challenging time. As you work to attract customers to your business again or to help put your employees and visitors at ease, choose your commercial cleaning provider carefully, so that you can effectively help reduce the risk of illnesses caused by viruses or bacteria. Coverall’s independent franchise business owners can provide a hospital grade clean that is trusted by more than 50,000 businesses.

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