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5 Easy Steps to Get Started as a Coverall® Franchise Business Owner

We’re here to walk you through the process of starting a commercial cleaning franchise business the Coverall way. Whatever concerns you might have about starting a franchise business, we hope to make you feel at ease learning about Coverall’s franchise business model and how the process works, and all that the Coverall® brand and business opportunity have to offer.

Commercial Cleaning is an Industry in High Demand

Before we dive into the steps, rest assured this is a great time to get into the commercial cleaning business. This is an industry in high demand, as businesses now recognize that professional commercial cleaning is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown everyone the critical importance of maintaining a safe and clean space for customers and employees. Coverall is positioned to meet this demand because of our high standards. As an independent franchise business owner, you will provide an essential service, helping make workplaces safer.

1.Learn About Costs and Explore Financing Options

Many entrepreneurs come to us with questions around the cost to get started. The cost may actually be less than you expect. Plus, there are several financing options available, including Coverall’s in-house financing. Perhaps you have some savings set aside that you have been waiting to invest in the right opportunity. The truth is, a commercial cleaning franchise is more affordable than other franchise businesses, since it’s service-based and you don’t need to maintain a physical location.

2.Get to Know the Coverall® Brand and Franchise Business Model

Before you commit to a relationship with a franchise, you will want to familiarize yourself with their brand. Are they established?
You can start by attending a franchise business presentation online or face-to-face. For face-to-face meetings we will follow all proper safety procedures and social distancing recommendations. You will learn about the path to franchise ownership and Coverall’s proven roadmap for success.
You will get a chance to learn about Coverall's business model, and you’ll get answers to questions about start-up costs and in-house financing opportunities.

3.Coverall Will Train You in Professional Cleaning

Some new business owners worry that not having any professional cleaning experience will pose a challenge. Coverall will train and guide you in how to clean following our proprietary processes, using our recommended products and tools. Our Core 4 process adheres to CDC and AORN protocols, which will give your customers peace of mind that their workplace will be cleaned and sanitized correctly. Now, more than ever, businesses rely on commercial cleaning services to help protect their customers and employees.

4.Coverall Will Train You in How to Run a Franchise Business

Coverall also trains you in how to run your business, even if you have never run one before. People come to us from all different backgrounds. We give you a proven roadmap to follow, and a local support center team is available and there for you to answer your questions along the way. Upon becoming a franchise business owner, Coverall will provide opportunities for you to get acquainted with other franchise business owners. We train and guide you and even provide mentoring along the way.

5.Get the Perfect Cleaning Starter Kit

Coverall offers all of its new franchise business owners the perfect cleaning starter kit, designed around our proprietary Core 4 cleaning processes. Coverall has adopted The Art and Science of a Better CleanSystem, which follows the highest standards for hospital-grade cleaning as recommended by the CDC and AORN. Through our support centers, you will have access to these hospital-grade cleaning products, as well as our color-coded cleaning tools that enable you to follow our Core 4 processes. These resources allow you to provide your customers with a healthier, more thorough commercial clean than they could hope to achieve on their own.

Contact Coverall about Franchise Business Ownership Today

If you have the drive and the motivation to become a business owner in an in-demand industry, Coverall is ready to help you get started. As a leading franchisor for more than 35 years, we have worked with thousands of new business owners just like you. You do not need previous business ownership experience or cleaning experience to get started. To learn more, look at our checklist for becoming a cleaning franchise business owner. If you already know you’re ready to move toward starting a franchise business, contact us today.

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