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The 5 Business Responsibilities of a Cleaning Franchise Owner

There are thousands of different franchise models out there — and no two franchises are alike. Owning a commercial cleaning franchise is a little different each day. 

When you own a franchise business, you essentially take on three roles—business owner, employer, and franchisee. Here we will focus mainly on the first one, but remember that the responsibilities are all interconnected. Let’s look at the five main business owner responsibilities you can expect to handle when you own a franchise commercial cleaning business.

1. Managing your daily operations

As you manage your commercial cleaning business, you act as the hub for all personnel, equipment, and schedules. You or someone you manage will be responsible for the daily schedule which should account for travel time to and from each customer site, coordinating with customers to set appointments and handling any changes or cancellations. Strong organizing and computer skills can help you ensure that all cleaning crews arrive in the right place, at the right time, with all the necessary equipment and materials. 

2. Building customer relationships

It’s crucial to build and maintain positive relationships with your customers. You want to not only to keep them as customers, but also generate positive reviews and potential new business through word of mouth. You should conduct daily, weekly or monthly check-ins with clients to ensure that you and your team are meeting or exceeding expectations. Personalized communication shows customers you care. These are also opportunities to upsell more services or special, one-time opportunities. You can watch for new ways to clean or improve the appearance of your customer’s workplace. 

3. Hiring employees

Part of running a business includes hiring and managing employees. After all, you can’t do everything by yourself! It takes a talented team of employees to operate your business and help it grow. Your human resource duties may include posting job openings, conducting interviews, training, and reviewing employee performance periodically. Owning a franchise business gives you plenty of freedom in this area to hire who you want. When you strive to hire talented people and make sure they’re happy, your business may flourish. 

4. Budgeting and financing

As with any business, you will need to develop a strong business plan and budget. You should revisit and adjust the plan periodically as your business grows. On a day-to-day basis, you will manage operations, such as supplies, labor, insurance and worker’s compensation, training and other expenses to name a few. 

5. Growing your business

A continuous part of franchise business ownership is marketing and business development. With an established franchised brand you start out a step ahead, since customers will already recognize your company name. However, your own personal interactions in your community play a key part in growing your business. You’re encouraged to engage in local marketing, advertising and networking, using Coverall’s tried-and-true brand standards and advertising guidelines. Your existing customers also help to build future new business. Remember to show your customers your appreciation!

Owning a commercial cleaning franchise takes dedication and commitment. However, it also gives you the freedom to set your own schedule, work where you want and grow at your own pace. Learn more about how Coverall can help you become a franchised business owner today.

Posted: 11/12/2019 12:00:00 PM by Stephen Massaro | with 0 comments