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Comparing Professional Commercial Cleaning with DIY Cleaning of Your Business

When preparing your business’ budget, every dollar counts. If you need to reduce expenses, you look to cut anything that doesn’t feel completely necessary. Commercial cleaning services might be one place where you think you can cut back. However, it is more important than ever. As a compromise, some businesses assign their own employees to take on cleaning and sanitizing duties. If you’re considering that choice, take the time to think through all the pros and cons, which we will break down here.

Comparing Costs

Asking your employees to take responsibility for cleaning may save some money in the short term. It also doesn’t require a contract. While these both seem like pros on the surface, let’s take a closer look.

First, while you save money on professional services, you still need to invest in cleaning supplies and keep them stocked. You will also need equipment, such as vacuum cleaners and mops, which can break and need repair or replacement. In addition, the time that employees spend cleaning takes time away from their day-to-day responsibilities, which costs you in terms of productivity. What if you lose a customer because someone missed a deadline or an important phone call? What if the quality of your work suffers as a result of employees being stretched too thin? Finally, consider that proper cleaning can protect your assets over the long term. When your floors, carpet or furniture get damaged, you incur the cost of replacing them.

You won’t need a contract to enlist your employees to clean. However, knowing the exact amount you need to invest in regular, ongoing commercial cleaning means you can build it into your budget and plan for it.

Comparing Cleaning Processes

More than ever, the public now knows what professional commercial cleaners have always known — that only correct cleaning protocols and processes can help eliminate germs to keep a space clean, healthy and safe. When you get a quote from a professional cleaning service, ask whether they follow CDC recommendations and use EPA approved disinfectants. Only by using these products, and using them correctly, can they truly remove and kill germs like the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Comparing Risk Factors

Commercial cleaning has taken on all new importance in the era of COVID-19. With the added threats of cold and flu season, there is no room to take risks. One perceived pro of using your own employees for cleaning is the reduction in the number of people in and out of your business. It’s understandable to want to take this precaution. However, the risks of cleaning and sanitizing without professional training outweigh the risks of an extra person or two coming through your doors. When you trust cleaning professionals who have received training in and follow CDC-recommended protocols, as discussed above, you eliminate the concern.  

Add-On Services

Sometimes you need services above and beyond routine cleaning. As an extra precaution against COVID-19, you may want electrostatic (e-stat) disinfection or floor-to-ceiling deep cleaning. In the case of a suspected contamination, you will need a COVID-19 related decontamination clean. Your regular commercial cleaning provide should be able to provide these services when and if you need them.

Preventative Maintenance

To protect your assets over the long term, you should also consider preventative maintenance and one-time cleaning services. For example, windows, carpet, flooring or upholstery need special attention periodically. When you’re already working with a professional commercial cleaning service, you always have the option of adding other services as you require them.

Liability Concerns

A professional cleaning company should be licensed and bonded, to protect you from any liability should they get hurt or accidentally damage your property. When relying on DIY cleaning, you cannot count on the same protections. Make sure you hire a professional cleaning service that conducts background checks for added peace of mind.

Coverall is Worth the Investment

Coverall understands your concerns about protecting your business and managing your expenses wisely. That’s why we provide personalized quotes, virtually or in person, to exactly fit your needs and budget. We train our franchise business owners in our proprietary Core 4® Process, built on CDC and AORN guidelines to help minimize the spread of germs, helping to keep your business clean, healthy and safe.
Cleaning is not something you can sacrifice when you’re running a business. Your day-to-day operations may look different than they did a year ago, but the need for professional cleaning and disinfecting is here to stay. Contact Coverall today for a free quote.

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