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How to Run a Commercial Cleaning Franchise Business

One of the best parts about starting a commercial cleaning franchise business is you don’t need experience with cleaning or running a business. People from all backgrounds find their place in commercial cleaning. With the right training and support, you will have the tools to effectively operate your own business. Most new franchise business owners find the process rewarding and exciting, and sometimes even surprise themselves with newfound aptitudes. Let’s take a look at the duties of running a commercial cleaning business, so you can understand what to expect as an independent business owner.

Business Planning

When you embark on the process of franchise business ownership, you need to formulate a plan. You will calculate your costs to get started and decide what to name your company. Consider whether you will run the business alone or with a partner, and whether you need to hire employees in the beginning. You might set up a home office and a designated business phone number.

Planning is not a one-time task. As you gain experience and expertise, you may want to adjust your plan to grow or shift priorities. You may hire employees or add more customers as you go — but you can grow at your own pace. Business planning is an important function throughout the life of the business.

Supplies and Resources

When you enter the commercial cleaning industry, you will find that it’s a chance to provide an essential service, helping keep businesses clean, healthy and safe. To do so successfully, you will need to learn about and obtain the right kinds of cleaning supplies and equipment. All cleaning products are not the same, and you should expect comprehensive training to understand the differences.
To ensure quality and consistency, your franchisor may give you specific requirements for cleaning supplies, and/or where you need to buy them. Any such requirements will be spelled out in your franchise disclosure document1.
Once you understand what to stock, you will need to determine how much of each product to keep on hand, as well as how many mops, vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloths, and other tools to have at your disposal. You will learn to keep an inventory and figure out how often to reorder. You may also need approved apparel, such as aprons, shirts or hats with the name of your franchise. These convey a more professional appearance to your customers and may be required by your franchisor1.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Any business owner must track income and expenses. Not everyone enjoys working with numbers, but owning a franchise streamlines the process, making it much easier than if you were to start your own business with no support. For example, your franchisor may provide guidelines on how to price your services. They may also handle invoicing directly with your clients, so that you don’t have to. Nevertheless, you will want to maintain organized files with financial records and keep track of your revenue and expenses for each month or billing cycle.

Marketing and Growing the Business

Marketing is another area where a franchise provides an advantage over starting a cleaning company from scratch. First, you get the name recognition of the franchise and a roadmap that they have used for other owners like you. They can provide a wealth of information about prospective customers in your area and potentially let you purchase accounts they have already vetted for you. They may also offer you the chance to purchase branded materials like brochures, flyers and business cards. Additionally, as part of your training, they should teach you how to sell your services by explaining the benefits.

Coverall Sets You Up to Run Your Business with Confidence
When you start a Coverall commercial cleaning franchise business, Coverall will train and guide you on how to run your business as well as provide support in many of these business functions. If you are willing to learn and grow, you don’t need experience, a business degree, or any specific kind of background.
Coverall lays out all the ways they will help you in your franchise disclosure documentincluding:

  • Train you on the CDC-recommended use of proper cleaning products and equipment, and offer the option to purchase what you need at a reasonable cost
  • Provide the opportunity to purchase Coverall® branded apparel and marketing materials
  • Offer training and guidance on business operations
  • Provide a proven roadmap used by thousands of franchise business owners nationwide
  • Guide and support you every step of the way
If you can see yourself running your own commercial cleaning franchise business, contact Coverall today!
See Franchise Disclosure Document for details.
[1] See Franchise Disclosure Document for details.
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