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Health Risks of an Improper Commercial Clean

Businesses around the nation are laser-focused on maintaining a clean and healthy workspace, which means ramping up routine disinfection efforts. Daily commercial cleaning has become standard practice, but professional cleaning service providers are not all created equal.

Commercial cleaning products are generally more potent than their household equivalents. When improperly used or mixed together, these products can damage property and – in some cases -- put people’s health at risk.

Ineffective Commercial Cleaning

At the very least, ineffective cleaning products or improper practices will fail to do their job, leaving dust, dirt, and illness-causing pathogens behind. There are many types of disinfectants that will kill bacteria and viruses; however, they will be rendered useless if incorrectly diluted.  Adding too much water is one problem, as is failing to let the cleaner saturate the surface for the required amount of time. Inconsistent application is another issue that diminishes the product’s efficacy at reducing dangerous microbes.

Possible Damage to Furniture and Property

A separate risk of improper cleaning protocols is lasting damage to your hard flooring, carpets, countertops, and furniture. There are professional cleaning products that are not suitable for wood finishes, as the compounds erode the topcoat, leaving permanent marks. Even water, when left too long, can damage wood floors and other surfaces over the long run.

Despite their durability, marble and other natural stones are prone to darkening when cleaned with vinegar or other acidic products. Many commercial cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals that can ruin upholstery, causing natural dyes to bleed and fade.

Health Hazards

Professional cleaning products contain surfactants, glycol ethers, caustic solvents, ammonia, acids, and other chemicals that can be hazardous if misused. The risk of adverse health effects increases when cleaning staff inadvertently combine certain products, producing a toxic gas. The best example is combing solutions that contain ammonia and bleach. When mixed together, these two products produce chloramine gas that irritates the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. Prolonged exposure and inhalation can result in nausea, chest pain, respiratory distress, and worse.  

In light of these risks to human health and well-being, it’s important that commercial cleaning providers have a thorough understanding of the products and solutions they are using.

Professional Cleaning Services You Can Trust

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