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Holiday Commercial Cleaning Services

The holiday season is coming, and with it, a record-breaking number of on-line orders sending an avalanche of goods through warehouses, post offices, and shipping centers around the country. Retailers are likely to see more in-person shoppers than they have since the pandemic began. Preparation for the spike in these activities is critical to make sure everyone- from the postal workers and drivers to the shop keepers and customers- has a safe and healthy holiday season. Hiring a commercial cleaning service provider NOW is the best way businesses can help do just that. Coverall® is standing by to take your calls.

Professional Warehouse Cleaning During Holidays

With COVID concerns still looming, online shopping is more popular than ever. From Black Friday blowouts to post-Christmas sales, holiday shoppers want their products delivered quickly and safely to their doorsteps. These next few months are critical for warehouse and distribution centers across the nation, as they strive to help keep their operating staff, drivers, and facilities healthy and safe. Amazon will hire a whopping 150,000 seasonal workers just for the holidays. The additional staff is needed to keep its massive fulfillment network operating at breakneck speeds.

The easiest way to help mitigate the spread of germs and bacteria is with a clean baseline for workers who are sorting, labeling, storing, packaging and shipping packages. For massive warehouses, that means strengthening their usual warehouse cleaning services with assistance from a professional team like Coverall.

Coverall is a leading national franchisor of commercial cleaning services that is ready to help this holiday season. Our Franchise Business Owners are prepared to tackle the needs of large volume buildings including locker rooms, dispensaries, common rooms, staff kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and main operating areas. Utilizing our proprietary Core 4® Process, a system we based on the guidelines issued by the CDC and AORN, Franchise Owners and their cleaning teams can help clean, disinfect and sanitize spaces while reducing risks of cross contamination. Our flexible warehouse cleaning services are designed to fit within budgetary constraints and minimize disruptions to normal operations.

Step Up the Quality of Retail Cleaning

The holidays are one of the most profitable times of the year for the retail sector. But increased foot traffic, decorative displays, seasonal staff, and extended business hours can make even the most routine cleaning seem overwhelming. In addition to daily professional retail cleaning, Coverall also offers On-Demand cleaning services to help alleviate the pressure during the busy season. These additional services include disinfecting electrostatic spray, deep cleaning, contamination cleans, and Day Porter services which can be particularly useful with the spike in foot traffic and handling of inventory.

Coverall Franchise Owners and their cleaning teams use hospital-grade disinfectants, advanced equipment, and scientifically proven techniques that reduce the presence of contaminants so you can have confidence and peace of mind welcoming customers and employees to your store.

Choose Coverall for Your Holiday Commercial Cleaning

Work to ensure your business is in tip-top shape this holiday season with Coverall’s customized commercial cleaning services. Bolstered by 36 years of industry experience, Coverall’s Health-Based Cleaning System® helps keeps a space clean, which is especially critical during this hectic time of the year. Let us help keep your retail establishment or warehouse running efficiently from Thanksgiving through the new year.

Don’t delay. The holidays are already here! Contact us for a free, no-hassle quote.

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