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Things to Know Before Buying a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

In today’s economy, more and more people are exploring the opportunity of going into business for themselves. Franchise growth is on the rise in 2019 , according to the International Franchise Association. The commercial cleaning business is an excellent option for first-time business owners who are looking for a great investment opportunity. Buying a franchise is not a purchasing decision to take lightly, however, and there is a lot of information to consider before making that leap. To ensure you're rounding out your research, here are a few key questions you should ask before buying a commercial cleaning franchise.

What Services are Offered? 

Most commercial cleaning franchises pride themselves on delivering multiple levels of service that offer their customers a full range of cleaning services, both big and small. Commercial cleaning services are used for cleaning a multitude of buildings, such as schools, offices, retail stores, medical facilities, churches, offices, and more. They can take care of all your cleaning needs by tackling projects such as restroom sanitization, vacuuming, and regular dusting. Some of the best commercial cleaning providers even offer customers additional specialized services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, floor polishing and computer or hardware cleaning. 

Customers are much more likely to choose a commercial cleaning service based on the variety of their service offerings but On-Demand cleaning services and preventative maintenance plans are not offered by every company. Before deciding on the franchise you want to buy into ask or research the available services for their customers. If the franchisor you’re considering doesn’t offer the wide range of services you want to provide your customer base, it may be a good idea to look at other options. 

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the main draws of buying a commercial cleaning franchise is that it can allow you to bypass the unpredictable startup costs of creating a business from scratch while also gaining the benefits of operating with the support of a well-established brand. 

The investment of buying a commercial cleaning franchise can involve initial franchise fees, registration and location-specific permit fees, and purchasing insurance. Some commercial cleaning companies offer lower initial franchising fees, but costs for insurance and registration are unavoidable and necessary. The cost of starting a commercial cleaning franchise can vary widely based on the type of franchise and market size, but here are some costs you will need to take into account*: 
  • Franchise Fees
  • ‚ÄčMaterials and Supplies 
  • Sole Proprietor Registration
  • Business Registration
  • Insurance 

How Much Time is Needed to Invest?

Buying a commercial cleaning franchise isn’t just a financial undertaking, it involves a large time investment as well. While starting a franchise is different from starting your own business, you’ll still need to put time, hours and effort into the results you want. Once the franchise is running smoothly, you can look into investing in tools, equipment, and staff that will maximize your time investment as the franchise grows.  

Make sure you understand the time commitment involved in buying a commercial cleaning franchise before signing an agreement. Although owning a franchise offers the backing support of an established provider, it's still your business that you're going to be running. Owners need to be clear about how much time you will need to invest into the business to make it a success.

What Kind of Support Does the Franchisor Provide? 

Unlike starting your own business, the greatest part of buying a commercial cleaning franchise is knowing that you’re not alone. This can be a huge comfort to first-time business owners who seek that extra support. Make sure you know just how much support you will get from the franchisor

If you know that the support will be there and that the franchisor is willing to help you through the startup process, things will be a lot clearer when beginning your business. Not all franchisors are the same, making it important to research and get to know everything you can about the franchisor before accepting their terms. This includes important information such as how long the company has been in business, how do other owners view success and get a chance to speak with other owners about what kind of support the franchisor can offer new owners. Does the franchisor offer financing options, individual support, billing and collections, or certifications? These are just a few of the aspects that should be carefully examined before you jump into buying a commercial cleaning franchise

Why Buy a Franchise from Coverall?

When you buy a commercial cleaning franchise from Coverall, no experience is necessary to begin. We provide initial and on-going comprehensive training of our proprietary cleaning process, business development and preventative maintenance training, along with a proven road-map to follow. We also provide one-on-one mentorship developed over our 35 years of experience as a leading franchisor, as well as an initial customer base. Learn more about the benefits of starting a commercial cleaning franchise with Coverall.


* Please review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for all details for each franchisor. Coverall will give you a copy of our FDD when we meet.

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