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The Delta Variant & Peace of Mind

At Coverall, we know how important it is to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your workers and patrons, particularly during the ongoing global pandemic. According to the CDC, the Delta variant is nearly twice as contagious and may cause more serious illness than previous coronavirus strains. The CDC is also tracking emerging variants such as Lambda and Mu.  
CNN Health reports that we’ve reached a sobering new milestone, where 1 in 500 Americans has died of coronavirus, which has understandably left some feeling uneasy about their surroundings when they are out or at work.
Coverall’s vast network of Franchise Business Owners provides services across a wide range of industries, utilizing protocols designed to limit cross-contamination and help keep employees safe and healthy even as the Delta, Mu, and Lambda variants circulate. 

What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Include?

Coverall has maintained the highest standards for over 36 years, but we are continually evolving to meet modern demands. When you hire a Coverall Franchise Business Owner for commercial cleaning services (that helps fight germs, bacteria, and virus such as COVID-19, the flu, etc.), you can expect:
  • Adherence to CDC Guidelines: Coverall built its protocols from CDC and AORN strict guidelines. Cleaning personnel follow all the latest CDC guidance, including handwashing and social distancing. Our proprietary Core 4® Process was built on CDC and AORN guidelines and includes the use of hospital-grade disinfectants, color-coded microfiber cloths that pick up 99% of soil and minimize germ transmission, no-dip flat mops that help clean without cross-contamination, and HEPA backpack vacuums designed to reduce dust and help improve air quality.
  • Hospital-Grade Disinfectants: Some standard cleaning products may remove dirt and organic material from a surface, whereas EPA-registered products are specifically designed to clean, sanitize, and disinfect. Coverall uses only Environmental Protection Agency registered chemicals, neutral pH disinfectant, cleaner, and deodorizer.
  • Special Attention to High-Touch Points: Light switches, doorknobs, faucet handles, refrigerator and microwave door handles, handrails, tabletops, counters, and shared work tools are places that can harbor live virus and that receive special attention during the cleaning process.


How to Help Battle the Delta Variant with Commercial Cleaning

Busy commercial enterprises-- including schools, retail centers, medical facilities, fitness centers, office buildings, and restaurants-- may find they need to enhance their regular commercial cleaning service to combat the more contagious Delta variant and to provide business owners, staff, clients and customers, and other visitors with improved peace of mind.
You may want to schedule more frequent cleanings if your business is in a community with a high transmission rate of COVID-19 and the Delta variant. If someone has tested positive for COVID-19 at your facility, do not hesitate to call your local Coverall Franchise Owner and request On-Demand contamination cleaning.
On-Demand cleaning services include:
  • Contamination cleaning designed to remove biohazards, bodily fluids, and known COVID-19 contamination.
  • Electrostatic disinfection spray. 
  • Detailed deep clean services that pay careful attention to high touch points and common areas.
  • Day porter service to sanitize and disinfect surfaces throughout the day.

The cost of Coverall’s commercial cleaning services varies from business to business, depending on the size of your space, industry, frequency, and scope of services needed. Preventative Maintenance Services are also available.  Contact your local Coverall representative today for a commercial cleaning quote.
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