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Pricing Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Business | What to Ask

If you are actively searching for a commercial cleaning company for your business, you have a list of questions ranging from price and frequency to specific needs and additional enhanced services for your business.

You might first want to:

  1. Determine what you do not have the time, staff, or equipment to do on your own.
  2. Determine the areas that are most frequently used and highly trafficked as they will need the most love.
  3. Know what items in those spaces that you want cleaned, disinfected, or sanitized.
  4. Have a general idea of the square feet of the areas that need to be cleaned.
  5. Determine how many times you will need your business cleaned.

And lastly, you may want to think through the care and longevity of your business’s assets such as:

  1. Carpet and upholstery cleaning and care
  2. Hard floor cleaning and maintenance
  3. Window cleaning

We will help you break down those common pricing factors so you can receive an accurate first quote for the commercial cleaning services you need and feel confident in making your choice.


The size of your office or building is the most common factor that will affect your cleaning quote. Some commercial cleaning services use cost per square foot, others use an hourly rate. If your office is larger, it will take more time to clean than a smaller space, so you can expect your quote to be higher.

What should I ask a professional commercial cleaning about hourly rates and square feet to clean my business?
A: It is important to ask if the cleaning quote will be based solely on the amount of time it takes to clean the space.  Then you will be able to agree upon the hourly rate and have this consistent most every time your business is cleaned.

If the quote is broken down by total square footage of your business, the commercial cleaner will have already factored in a price per square foot based on the total space and most likely the items they will be cleaning within the space.

It makes perfect sense that if you have a smaller space with less items to be cleaned, it will take less time and therefore overall cost will be less than larger space or same space with more items being cleaned.

Q: Do professional commercial cleaning services offer better prices if we go with reoccurring cleaning services?
A: Yes.  Typically, if a business is wanting on-going cleaning services, a professional cleaning service will identify a cleaning team that will be assigned to that business and that team will be there each time.  This is usually a benefit to the customer in terms of consistency in cleaning and cleaning team.  This also benefits the professional commercial cleaning service as they can rely on their customer business.


The number of customer or visitors, employees, and type of business you operate will influence the frequency of your cleaning services.  If you’re trying to figure out how frequent you should have your workplace cleaned ask yourself a few questions and offer this information to your office cleaning company during the quote phase.

  1. How big is my business?
    1. Small or large office
    2. Large warehouse
    3. Retail storefront
    4. Theatre
    5. Medical office
    6. Surgical center

Each of type of business can be small, medium, large or extra large in terms of square feet to clean.  It is important to identify the size of space(s) you want cleaned and if the type of visitor and employee traffic needs are light or heavy in volume.  This will help your commercial cleaning service best recommend a frequency that best suits your needs.

If you are operating a business where it requires strict adherence to disinfection and sanitization of surfaces, equipment, and objects, you may want to consider a daily cleaning frequency.

  1. How big is my staff?
    1. The size of your staff is just important as the square footage of your business. With more employees, comes more waste to manage and more foot traffic, meaning your carpets, floors, and restrooms will see more use and need more frequent cleaning. If you have more than a few employees, you may want to invest in daily cleaning services to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for them.
  2. How often do we have customer or guests?
    1. Expectations for cleanliness may be higher depending on the type of business you operate.  An office may need less attention that a classroom or medical center.  High-traffic areas like front lobbies, waiting areas, and showrooms will need to be cleaned daily to ensure they’re ready for guests and present your brand in a positively.
  3. Which areas need to be cleaned?
    1. ​You may still need someone on hand to clean those high-demand areas, such as restrooms. In fact, if you have several restrooms, it may be worthwhile to invest in a local porter service to make sure they’re cleaned and well stocked all hours of the working day. Do you need to clean your whole facility or just certain areas?
    2. Areas that need daily cleaning
      1. Bathrooms
      2. Kitchens
      3. Lobbies
      4. Showrooms and product displays
      5. Workstations
      6. Conference rooms


Not all businesses are alike when it comes to the cleaning service needs.  A 2,000 square foot office that needs light cleaning will likely have a very different quote than an office of the same size that needs regular weekly cleaning and deep cleaning twice a month. Each industry will have high touchpoint areas that require attention.

Q: Will the number of areas I want cleaned affect a cleaning quote?
A: Yes. The number of tasks that need to be completed per visit will influence your commercial cleaning quote.

Q: How many cleaning or janitorial tasks does my business require?
A: You may want to think through some areas that need attention for most industries, such as:

  • Dusting and cleaning surfaces
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping
  • Trash removal

Your business may require additional On-Demand cleaning services or Preventative Maintenance cleaning services, such as:

  • Deep cleaning and disinfection services
  • Removing stains on floors
  • Cleaning breakroom appliances
  • Day Porter services such as: restocking paper products in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Polishing furniture and individual product wipe down

A massage and skin care company in Cincinnati who contracts with Coverall recently asked about additional deep cleaning services for their business to ensure their business was clean for their customers. Coverall’s Franchise Business Owner was able to accommodate their requests for deep cleaning services and the customer noted, “All of the areas within our facility where we asked for special attention are being addressed each week. We are very pleased.”

When creating a quote for commercial cleaning, a reputable company will ask for a walk-through of the space.  Typically, this is done in person, but a lot of commercial cleaning companies will do a virtual walk-through now.  An inspection of your workplace will determine the amount of work needed to clean your business based on your requests and cleaning needs. You will also be able to talk about what services you’d like and how often they should be done. To check you’re getting a fair quote, get estimates from more than one cleaning service to compare them. Ask each commercial cleaning company about their experience and the cleaning methods they use as they all are not equal in cleaning delivery process or chemicals.

As you’re doing your research, learn more about Coverall® and the art & science behind their Core 4® Cleaning Process, which features a combination of advanced disinfecting chemistry, tools and cleaning protocols to ensure the highest quality clean every time.  For more specifics of a Coverall clean and to contact us for a commercial cleaning quote that fits your business needs click here  Learn More About Coverall Cleaning System.

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