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Floor Cleaning Services


Floors are susceptible to all sorts of wear and tear from heavy foot traffic, environmental factors and accidental drops and spills. Without proper care, these events diminish your floor’s appearance and degrade its quality, resulting in the need for an expensive and time-consuming replacement sooner than you would’ve liked.

Once in a while, your floors need something more than vacuuming and mopping. That’s where Coverall comes in. Our Franchise Business Owners are thoroughly trained in the unique cleaning needs of various floor types and materials. Using advanced technology and protocols, our experts can provide specialized floor care that revives and extends the life of one of your most valuable business assets.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Hard floors, carpets and even tricky grout—our floor cleaning services are up to the task.

Explore Hard Floor Cleaning

Keep wood, tile and other hard surfaces looking spotless and shiny.

Explore Carpet Cleaning

Remove stains, spots, dirt and odors trapped in your fabric flooring.

Explore Grout Scrubbing

Get rid of grime and restore grout to its original color for a holistically cleaned floor.


Types of Floor Surfaces
Coverall Cleans

Not all floor materials are the same, so their cleaning process shouldn’t be either. Our Franchise Business Owners are trained to deliver floor care that accommodates each material’s unique cleaning needs for the most effective results.

Floor Cleaning FAQs

How do you clean floors?
There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cleaning floors, and how they’re cleaned will primarily depend on the material. The best way to ensure your floors receive an effective clean is by turning to the professionals. Coverall offers floor cleaning services for hard floor surfaces like wood, vinyl, laminate and cement, as well as carpet and grout scrubbing, that cater to each floor material’s unique needs.
How often should floors be cleaned?
The cadence of your floor cleaning services will depend on the type of flooring. Both hard and carpeted surfaces should be vacuumed daily; hard floors should be mopped daily as well, and carpets spot cleaned. Vinyl composition tile (VCT) should be fully stripped, finished, scrubbed and recoated once a year with monthly, if not weekly, burnishing to maintain a high shine and luster. Machine cleaning for other hard surfaces, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT), is recommended one to two times a year.

Floor Cleaning for Your Workplace

Don’t let a dirty floor threaten your business. For offices and retailers that rely on a clean environment to make good impressions on clientele, footprinted, scuffed and dull tiles can jeopardize that. At industrial facilities, where encounters with heavy machinery and hazardous substances are part of the day-to-day, an improperly cleaned floor can put employee safety further at risk.

When your office, retail space or industrial facility needs professional floor cleaning services, turn to Coverall. Our Franchise Business Owners will leave your floors spotless and your space safer.

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"When we have asked for special attention to the floors or sanitizing tables during COVID, the Coverall cleaning team has been very helpful in completing the tasks. Thank you!"

- Angela, dental clinic in Hillsboro, OR