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The Key Differences Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Exploring the Key Differences Between Launching a Commercial and Residential Cleaning Business

Embarking on a journey to start a cleaning business can be an exciting venture, filled with opportunities. However, it's important to understand that not all cleaning businesses are created equal. There are distinct differences between launching a commercial cleaning business and a residential cleaning business. Understanding how these businesses differ is essential for aspiring entrepreneurs when deciding which venture best suits their professional goals.

Different Customer Profiles

Commercial cleaning businesses cater to companies like offices, retail establishments, healthcare facilities, schools, industrial facilities and other commercial entities.

The decision makers who often award commercial cleaning contracts include: property managers, facility managers, business owners and office managers. Deemed an essential service for these types of workplaces and facilities, commercial cleaning companies are in-demand as business owners want to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment for their employees, visitors and guests. Due to the varied and often extensive requirements of commercial properties, the scale and nature of a commercial cleaning service are quite different from residential cleaning.

Residential cleaning businesses serve homeowners and individuals seeking cleaning services for their private residences. The customer base for these types of services may include busy professionals, families, seniors and individuals in need of recurring home cleaning services.

Service Offerings and Scope

Commercial cleaning services include routine janitorial services, hard floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, upholstery and window cleaning in addition to specialized cleaning for industries like healthcare.

Contracts can be customized based on a variety of elements. The frequency of service, task complexity, and business layout all contribute to the cost of a cleaning contract. Residential cleaning services typically encompass general house cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and occasional services like celebration cleanups.

Cleaning tasks focus on smaller residential spaces and may vary based on individual client preferences and needs.

Income Opportunities

Broadly speaking, commercial cleaning business owners may be able to earn more revenue than residential business owners. Commercial cleaners have the opportunity to increase their revenue by offering specialized cleaning services like contamination cleaning, upholstery and carpet care. In addition, commercial cleaners typically negotiate contracts with their customers – something that can benefit them long-term. Not many residential cleaners enter into contractual agreements with their customers.

Franchising Partners

While both residential and commercial cleaning companies can be franchise businesses, commercial cleaning franchisors may offer more business and training guidance to individuals looking to start their own business. Commercial cleaning franchisors, like Coverall®, provide training, mentorship, a customer base and even financing support to individuals looking to start and scale their own commercial cleaning services.

Market Demand and Competition

Analyze your area's demand and competition for residential and commercial cleaning services. It’s important to recognize the business conditions in your market. Commercial cleaning franchisors often train their franchise owners on how to identify and acquire their own customers. Residential cleaning businesses often rely on word-of-mouth to help grow their businesses.

Legal and Regulatory Differences

It’s important to understand the legal and regulatory compliance requirements for both types of businesses. For instance, health and safety standards may differ depending on whether you are serving residential or commercial premises. Ultimately, choosing between residential and commercial cleaning depends on your vision, local market dynamics, and personal inclinations. Many successful cleaning businesses eventually incorporate both elements once established, recognizing that each segment offers its own opportunities.

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Choosing between a residential and commercial cleaning business is a significant decision. Consider your vision, local market dynamics, and personal preferences. Coverall supports over 8,000 independent Franchise Business Owners who have chosen to start their own commercial cleaning business offering guidance and training every day.

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