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5 Things Employees Can Do Right Now to Tidy up Their Work Space

Working in clutter is a challenge most of us struggle with at some point in our lives. Whether it’s because we become too attached to objects, or because our busy schedules make organization seem impossible, messy areas are distracting and could impact your performance. Fortunately, there are some office cleaning tips in addition to hiring a commercial cleaning provider that you can follow to enjoy a clutter-free environment to help you feel better about your work area and boost your productivity.


1. Throw Away the Old

Maintaining a clean office requires prioritization. Schedule some time to assess all the objects you have at your desk (including the drawers) and identify things you can toss. If you haven’t used the documents in that old binder that’s been collecting dust, maybe you don’t need them after all. Working at a clean and organized desk will help you clear your thoughts and feel less overwhelmed, giving you that extra energy you need to conquer your daily tasks. 


2. Go Paperless

In a digital era, there is no reason to have paperwork piling up on your desk. These paper documents impede the path to a clean office space and have a harsh environmental impact. Take advantage of the many tools available nowadays like file-syncing services and scanning apps to make it possible. Implementing this change can be challenging at first, but once you get comfortable going paperless, you will never look back.


3. Get a Desk Organizer

Are you having a hard time finding things at your desk? Then it’s time to get a file organizer! Wasting time trying to find that important document can be very frustrating. These organizers provide a space to place your pens, sticky notes, and paperclips, among other office supplies. Some even include a file holder – perfect for keeping folders and papers in one place.


4. Avoid Eating at Your Desk

Out of all the office cleaning tips here, this one may be the hardest. The hustle and bustle at work can get so overwhelming that taking a lunch break may seem impossible. On these hectic days, you might be tempted to have lunch at your desk. Not only can it make your meal less enjoyable, this is a big no-no if you want to keep your work space free of food remains and smells. Eating at your desk also might be distracting to coworkers if food wrappers are noisy or if you’re munching on something particularly crunchy like carrots. 


5. Organize Your Digital Files

Just because you’ve gone paperless doesn’t mean your digital files can’t use some order. Avoid a messy desktop by organizing your documents in well-labeled, designated folders. Depending on your industry, look to divide folders by assignments, years or clients. Try to get in the habit of doing this as you work on them. This digital office cleaning tip can have benefits into the physical office too. Afterall, a disorganized desktop or digital drive can be just as overwhelming as a messy desk.  

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