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7 Ways Owning a Cleaning Franchise Business Empowers You to Help Your Community

When the world feels overwhelming, it’s reassuring to find an opportunity to bring people together and to help each other. One of the benefits of owning your own franchise business is the chance to get involved with your community. Coverall’s independent franchise business owners have found numerous ways to give back and make a difference. Here are a few examples of how owning a commercial cleaning franchise business lets them do that.

1. Provide an Essential Service

Challenging times have spotlighted how important certain jobs are in our society. Now more than ever, businesses across all industries, recognize the need for professional commercial cleaning services. By becoming part of this in-demand industry, you will provide an essential service that affects, directly and indirectly, many individuals and businesses in your community.

2. Create Jobs

Owning a franchise business gives you the opportunity to hire other people, creating jobs in your community. With a Coverall® franchise, you decide how large you want to grow your business and at what pace — so you might start with one or two employees and someday grow to a large team. Some of our franchise business owners hire members of their immediate family while others advertise for applicants. Especially during periods of higher unemployment, you may find many people in your community are looking for the kind of opportunity you can provide.

3. Play an Important Role in the Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every sector of the U.S. economy. Essential businesses that can continue to function, regardless of any current or future shut-down orders, help keep it running. Commercial cleaning franchise businesses play an important role. An article in Entrepreneur says, “The economy needs commerce, and workers need jobs. Franchise ownership is a big part of that... We need franchise businesses up and running as quickly as possible.”

4. Be More Flexible for Those Who Count on You

A flexible schedule is another important benefit of franchise business ownership, and a great example of this is Teresa, a mother of five. In operating a franchise with family, she was about to finish business school when her 17-year-old son was in a serious accident requiring extensive treatment and recovery. Teresa needed to find work that allowed her the time she needed to spend with him as he recovered. Eventually, she decided to open a Coverall cleaning franchise business, T&J Commercial Cleaning, and her son began working there, too. Now they co-own the franchise and enjoy working side-by-side. She says, “we have faced some ups and downs in this business, and in life, and we face them together as a family.”

5. Build Community Relationships

As a commercial cleaning professional in your community, you have the potential to serve all kinds of industries, including schools and childcare, medical practices, office buildings, and many others. You have the chance to get to know what makes your community tick. You might also join the chamber of commerce or industry groups. These relationships benefit you because they might lead to additional referrals, and they matter to your customers, who can assist each other by passing along your name.

6. Support Causes You Care About

Small business owners find many ways to give back to their communities. According to the business mentorship organization SCORE, two thirds of small businesses give to local charities, and research shows that doing so is good for business. When you own a franchised commercial cleaning business, you can decide how you want to make a difference. You might offer your services pro bono to a women’s shelter, sponsor a youth sports league, or make a monetary gift to a service organization. There are numerous other possibilities, depending on where your passion lies.

7. Become a Role Model

Choosing to start a franchise business has an impact on your whole family. It can introduce children to the concept of entrepreneurship and show them what they might accomplish. Mayra, owner of Sparklin Maids, LLC, a Coverall franchise business, and a single mom of two, says that she wants to be a role model for her children by demonstrating that anything is possible with hard work and the courage to start your own business.

Talk to Coverall About Starting a Franchise Business

If you’re ready to explore a new opportunity that enables you to be your own boss and have a positive impact on your community, while counting on plenty of training and support, get in touch with Coverall. We train you in cleaning protocols based on CDC and AORN guidelines, designed to eliminate germs, including the virus that causes COVID-19. To run your business, we provide you with a proven roadmap that we have spent more than 35 years developing. You can choose to participate in a franchise business presentation virtually or face-to-face, in order to learn the next steps to owning your own Coverall commercial cleaning franchise.

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