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Is Your Workplace Getting the TLC it Needs?

Your workplace is clean and tidy, but you can’t help but think something is missing. It’s no secret some areas of your space may require extra time, love and care. Floors, fabric and furniture can look worn and streaky windows can leave your space feeling dark and dull. Giving your space extra attention may require some enhancements to your recurring cleaning services or an ongoing preventative maintenance plan.
Carpets need to be steamed. Hardwood floors can use special care. Windows should sparkle. That’s where On-Demand commercial cleaning services come in. Just like getting a car regularly serviced can prolong its life, scheduling special cleaning services can extend the life of your space. Plus, special services can boost the overall aesthetic of your workplace or office – making it a cleaner, fresher and healthier place to take care of business.

To make your workplace truly shine and help parts of your office last longer, we recommend scheduling the following special services twice a year: 

Finer Floors: Whether it’s carpet or hardwood floors, heavy foot traffic, spills and other messes will make them look dirty and worn. A deep clean with Coverall’s innovative commercial floor cleaning approach and customizable solutions can add anywhere between two and ten years to the life of your floors. Beyond removing stains, Coverall’s team is trained to scrub, recoat, strip and finish those hardwood floors.

Improve Your View: Clean windows improve curb appeal. Indoor and outdoor commercial window cleaning should be done twice a year to remove weather residue and excess soil and streaks. The Coverall Program uses a unique approach for added sparkle and reduced residue.

Fresh Fabric and Furniture: Coverall wipes down furniture daily as part of a regular cleaning service, but stains and spots can build up. Dust, dirt smudges, food and coffee stains can take a toll on furniture, becoming an eyesore for clients and a potential health concern for employees. From crystal encapsulation to hot-water extraction, Coverall’s non-intrusive upholstery cleaning services help keep fabric and furniture around for years to come – saving money in the long run.  

Extra attention can go a long way for the floors, fabric and furniture in your workplace. Coverall provides these special commercial cleaning services for offices, fitness facilities, education facilities, industrial workplaces, retailers and more. 

Contact Coverall today to get your free commercial cleaning quote for special commercial cleaning services today. 
Posted: 3/1/2019 12:00:00 PM by Kevin Hourigan | with 0 comments