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How Preventative Maintenance Services Can Make Your Business Assets Last Longer

Preventative maintenance cleaning services require special cleaning tools, products and knowledge beyond the scope of your everyday cleaning needs. Without a proper preventative maintenance plan, your valuable company assets may suffer unnecessary damage from wear-and-tear, leading to early replacement and increased operational costs for your business. Alternatively, preventative maintenance programs can keep your facility looking its best at all times.

A Coverall® Preventative Maintenance Cleaning Services plan incorporates the specific cleaning needs of your facility and can save you money in the long run. Here’s what you need to know about creating a customized preventative maintenance plan for your business.


What is a Preventative Maintenance Plan? 

Each business has unique needs based on its industry. That’s why commercial cleaning services need a customized cleaning plan that meets the needs of your business. In addition to everyday cleaning needs like vacuuming, dusting and trash removal, your company may require less frequent preventative maintenance cleaning services  to ensure a consistent and thorough clean . These additional services can help extend the life of your business assets and help set your business apart from the competition by creating a better environment for employees and guests.

It’s easy to see how this investment can make a big difference. Businesses with high foot traffic may require additional floor care to minimize damage. Retailers with large windows and glass doors will want to have regularly scheduled window care to ensure customers have a positive first impression of your space. Companies with waiting rooms full of furniture will want to have upholstery properly cleaned and disinfected to ensure pieces stay clean and fresh. By combining these services with everyday general cleaning services, your company can stand out from the competition.



1. Hard Flooring- Over time, tiny particles of dirt or dust get ground into your hard floors. Each employee or customer who walks through the space grinds these particles into the flooring, leaving miniscule scratches. Hard floors also take abuse from moving equipment and furniture, various spills and any rain or snow that gets tracked inside the building. Regular deep cleaning along with waxing and polishing can keep them looking newer longer.

2. Carpet- Just like hard flooring, carpets will be impacted by a lot of traffic. It tends to fray, fade and show stains when not properly cleaned and maintained. In addition, carpet can trap bacteria and other substances, leading to unpleasant odors. Regular commercial carpet cleaning services can help combat these issues.

3. Grout- Grout and tile are porous to allow for natural expansion and contraction with changing temperatures and humidity. Unfortunately, this porousness also allows it to attract dirt and absorb liquids. By letting too much time pass without a proper cleaning, it becomes more difficult to return tile and grout to its original condition. Whether you have grout between the tiles of your floor, counter tops, walls or other surfaces, it inevitably gets dirty over time. This buildup is especially noticeable in high-traffic areas.  

4. Interior & Exterior Windows - Windows will be one of the first parts of your business that your customers will notice—for better or for worse. While large, clean windows will allow lots of natural light to showcase your space, dark and dingy windows create an off-putting atmosphere that’s difficult to overcome. Window cleaning services can keep your windows looking their best.

5. Upholstery - Upholstered furniture can wear out quickly if it’s not maintained properly. Different types of fabric require different cleaning products and techniques. Additionally, natural fabrics like linen or canvas tend to attract dirt and hold stains more readily than some synthetics.

Here’s a bonus tip you can use between upholstery cleanings: If you notice that customers in your waiting room tend to always sit in the same few chairs—in view of the television, for example—rearrange the chairs weekly so all furniture pieces are used regularly.


How to Customize Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

The best way to keep your business looking its best is to supplement everyday general cleaning services with preventative maintenance cleaning services. By customizing your cleaning programs in this way, you’ll be able to incorporate preventive maintenance into your existing schedule to allow for more efficient cleaning routines.
Get the most out of your investment in furniture, flooring and more for your business. Coverall's Preventative Maintenance Cleaning Services can increase the lifespan of your floors, fabrics and more. To customize your service plan and increase the life of your business assets, request a free commercial cleaning quote today.

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