Medical Office Cleaning Services

Keep Your Outpatient Offices Clean and Healthy

Outpatient medical facilities like mental health clinics, diagnostics labs and similar environments are essential for maintaining healthy communities. Though the services offered by these centers may vary, they share common challenges—high foot traffic, exposure to biofluids and the need to create an environment promoting health and well-being. Our medical office cleaning services are tailored to address these challenges, and our Franchise Business Owners can help you create a germ-free, welcoming environment for all who visit.


Cleaning Services for Outpatient Centers

Coverall® Franchise Business Owners have the trexperience required to address the unique cleaning needs of a wide range of industries. In addition to our Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System®, we focus on key areas that require extra attention in outpatient medical centers like physical therapy offices, diagnostic imaging centers and other labs.

Waiting Rooms
Our cleaning services ensure waiting rooms are welcoming and healthy for visitors. We focus on sanitizing all surfaces and offer disinfection services to maintain cleanliness and eliminate pathogens in high-traffic areas.
Break Rooms
Break rooms are vital for staff relaxation but are prone to germ buildup. We thoroughly clean countertops, eating areas and other communal spaces to keep them inviting and germ-free for your staff.
Front Desk/Office Area
Front desk and office areas are bustling hubs of activity. Our cleaning regimen includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, waste removal and disinfecting wiping to help your office spaces stay clean and germ-free to reflect professionalism and care.
Hard Floors
Our hard floor cleaning services keep your floors clean with regular scrubbing, waxing and polishing, helping you extend their life and keeping them free from biohazards. Different hard floors require different cleaning approaches, and our Franchise Business Owners will make sure your floor gets the care it deserves.
Bathrooms demand rigorous cleaning due to high germ potential. Our services focus on every detail, using hospital-grade disinfectants to thoroughly clean toilets, sinks, floors and handles, ensuring a safe and clean space for everyone.
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OUR CORE 4® Cleaning Process Keeps Medical Offices Clean

For medical offices, Coverall's proprietary Health Based Cleaning System® is meticulously designed to meet and exceed the rigorous cleanliness standards set by the CDC and AORN. This ensures a hospital-grade level of cleanliness, vital for the well-being of patients and staff. Our dedicated Franchise Business Owners deliver consistent and thorough results to reduce the transmission of germs within your medical office environment.

  1. EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants that kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  2. Color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths that trap and remove 99% of bacteria and dirt.
  3. No-dip flat mops, which clean floors without using dirty water, minimizing cross-contamination.
  4. HEPA backpack vacuums that capture 99% of dust and other airborne particles, improving air quality.

Discover Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions for Medical Offices

Our range of services cater to all your cleaning requirements, encompassing everything from everyday healthcare janitorial services to specialized contamination cleaning. Our services can be customized to the specific needs of your offices.

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