Franchise Opportunities for Women

Start Your Own Commercial Cleaning Business

A Coverall® commercial cleaning franchise offers a unique blend of work/life balance and community impact. We understand women like you who are looking for more than just a business—you’re looking for a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor. As a Franchise Business Owner, you’ll have the opportunity to build a healthy balance between your professional and personal lives—whatever that looks like to you—and you’ll have the flexibility to do fulfilling work while making an impact in your community.

Discover Exciting Franchise Opportunities for Women

Sahar Ayagh
Daisy Donado
Tashawn Blackshear
Jeffonia Pankey
Monique Gray
Allen and Kayla Brown
Carol Fleenor
Tynisha Daniels

Why Women Choose Coverall

Coverall franchises are an ideal choice for women of diverse backgrounds, whether single, married, young or retired and regardless of previous work experience. For those who have served in the military, we offer tailored support recognizing your unique skills and experiences. Our franchise model is designed to provide you with the tools and training needed to help you achieve your unique goals, making it a perfect fit for women seeking an affordable, flexible and meaningful business opportunity.

The Benefits of Owning A Business

Coverall Franchise Business Ownership presents an empowering and exciting opportunity, especially for women. With nearly 13 million of the 33.2 million small businesses in the United States being women-owned, and these businesses generating a staggering $1.8 trillion annually, stepping into this role offers a unique platform for growth and impact. This opportunity allows you to carve your path, offering the flexibility to expand at your own pace, aligning with your personal and professional goals. Regardless of your background in business ownership or cleaning, Coverall provides robust training and support that will guide you on your journey to business ownership. This is your chance to establish yourself and create a lasting legacy that can benefit your family.

Key Benefits:

  • Empowerment and personal growth
  • Independence and control over your future
  • Flexibility to balance work and personal life
  • Opportunity to create a positive community impact
  • Ability to scale your business to suit your lifestyle
  • Building a lasting legacy