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Importance of Cleaning High-Touch Points

Maintaining a clean workspace – whether an office building, school, medical clinic, or warehouse – can help reduce the spread of illness. But how can you help protect the health of employees and customers in highly trafficked communal spaces, where opportunities for disease transmission are rampant? The cleaning and disinfection of high-touch point surfaces can offer more robust protection against bacteria and viruses that linger on surfaces that are handled by dozens of people every day.

What are High-Touch Points?

Any surface that is routinely touched by hands is considered a “high-touch point.” These surfaces can be contaminated with bacteria and pathogens that are left by others with each repeated contact.
Consider examples of high-touch point surfaces in workspaces:
  • Doorknobs, handles, push plates, stair railings, light switches, elevator buttons and banisters
  • Communal surfaces like water coolers, vending machines, water fountains, coffee stations, chairs, tables, desks, and benches
  • Surfaces in restroom facilities such as flush handles, toilet paper dispensers, faucets, toilets, and hand dryers
  • Communal kitchen areas, such as refrigerator handles, microwaves, coffee makers, counters, and cupboards.
  • Shared equipment, such as remote controls, phones, thermostats, copy machines, printers, keys and keypads, and delivery crates

Surface Cleaning and Disinfection of High-Touch Points

According to the CDC, targeted cleaning and disinfection of high touchpoint surfaces – along with regular handwashing – is extremely effective in helping minimize the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The agency recommends using EPA-certified disinfecting products to minimize the risk of cross-infection. The proper disinfection of high touchpoint surfaces requires the right chemistry and adequate contact time. It is best maintained with regularly scheduled professional cleaning services.

Coverall® is a leading national franchisor of commercial cleaning services trusted by thousands of satisfied customers every year. Using health-based cleaning protocols, our services are extensively used in industrial settings, medical facilities, schools, gyms, and retailers to help maintain a cleaner and healthier environment.

Our proprietary Core 4® Process addresses doorknobs, light switches, desktops, display cases, and surfaces that get touched by many people throughout the day. Workplaces across numerous industries can benefit from our leading-edge protocol, a system that we based on CDC and AORN guidelines. That system requires:
  • Hospital grade disinfectants that kill germs on high-touchpoint surfaces 
  • Color-coded microfiber cloths to help avoid cross-contamination
  • No Dip flat mops
  • HEPA backpack vacuums

Looking for Additional Cleaning Services?

Many businesses ask our Coverall Franchise Business Owners for specific disinfection services for community or personal touch points, like file cabinets, chair adjusters, drawers, and service counters. Because each facility’s needs vary widely, we can develop a customized commercial cleaning plan to for areas that require extra attention.

In addition to our regular services, Coverall’s On-Demand Services include contamination cleans after exposure events such as a COVID or flu outbreak. We can also ramp up day-to-day needs with day porter services. If preservation of your company’s assets are a priority, be sure to ask about our Preventative Maintenance Services that include hard floor care, upholstery cleaning, first-floor window washing, and tough-to-clean grout lines.

Learn how Coverall can help you provide a healthier work environment with high-touchpoint disinfection and custom commercial cleaning services. Contact us today for a free, no-hassle commercial cleaning quote.
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