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Boosting Office Productivity: Commercial Cleaning Strategies to Combat Cold, Flu, and other Respiratory Illnesses

With cold, flu and other respiratory viruses in full swing, high-traffic, busy office environments need to have a plan in place to combat these illnesses. The impact of these illnesses on office productivity is substantial, with thousands of work hours lost each year. In fact, the flu can cost businesses an estimated $11.2 billion in direct and indirect costs. Having a comprehensive professional office cleaning strategy can contribute to preventing the spread of these illnesses and create a healthier workplace conducive to increased employee productivity.

The Impact of the Flu on Office Productivity
Your office is the hub where ideas flourish, deals are made, and employees invest a significant portion of their lives. Unfortunately, it can also become a breeding ground for viruses, especially during this time of year. The consequences of the flu and other illnesses on office productivity are not limited to absenteeism – it also leads to presenteeism as employees attempt to work while sick. The resulting dual challenge can significantly hinder overall productivity.

The Importance of a Healthy Environment
A clean and healthy work environment is pivotal for the performance of your employees. It plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of diseases, reducing allergens, improving air quality, and enhancing overall well-being. Trained commercial cleaners from reputable companies, like Coverall®, can maintain a clean and healthy office, contributing to a better work environment that is essential for employee productivity and satisfaction.

Cleaning Strategies to Help Prevent Flu Spread in your workplace
Preventing the spread of influenza in the office requires a comprehensive approach. Commercial cleaning services offer a range of strategies, from regular cleaning to specialized services like deep cleaning, On-Demand Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance Services for valuable assets like carpets, windows and hard floors.

Janitorial Office Cleaning
Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is one of the most effective ways to prevent the flu. Janitorial services provided by Coverall’s Franchise Business Owners can help keep your office clean. Coverall’s everyday cleaning services include dusting, disinfecting wiping, use of a no-dip flat mop, waste removal and HEPA backpack vacuum. Daily cleaning can help reduce the spread of germs and viruses.

Frequently-Touched Surfaces
Commercial cleaning companies recognize frequently-touched surfaces as hotspots for germ accumulation. Door handles, bathroom faucets, elevator buttons, tables, chairs, and office equipment are diligently cleaned to prevent the spread of the cold, flu and other viruses. Regular cleaning of these areas is crucial to maintaining a hygienic workspace.

Using Appropriate Cleaning Chemicals and Processes
Commercial cleaning services use effective tools and chemicals for different surfaces. For instance, Coverall’s Health-Based Cleaning System removes dirt, germs, and bacteria, reducing the risk of illness. The proprietary Core 4® Cleaning Process, based on CDC and AORN guidelines, includes hospital-grade disinfectants, color-coded microfiber cloths, no-dip flat mop, and HEPA vacuums. Coverall can further enhance its commercial cleaning programs with its disinfecting services that includes electrostatic spraying services.

Get a Customized Cleaning Plan from Coverall
Prioritizing commercial office cleaning strategies is paramount to combat cold, flu, and respiratory illnesses. These strategies not only contribute to preventing the spread of illnesses but also create a clean and healthy workspace that promotes increased employee productivity and satisfaction. By investing in professional commercial cleaning services, you're not just cleaning your office – you're investing in the well-being of your workforce and the success of your business.

Coverall offers free cleaning quotes for business and workplaces of all types. Contact Coverall today for a customized plan to help best protect your business, employees and staff this cold and flu season.

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