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5 Surprising Ways a Cleaner Retail Store is Good for Business

Whether you’re a manager for a large retailer or a small shop owner, you’re probably looking for new ways to boost your business. Through following a thorough and consistent cleaning process, your retail store can make a great impression on new customers, provide a memorable experience for returning customers, positively affect buyer behavior and more. We listed a few reasons why having a clean retail store is good for your business.


1. It Affects Buyer Behavior

Studies have shown that about 40% to 70% of buyers wait until they’re in a store to decide on a purchase. Two factors that influenced shoppers the most in-store were product display and sampling. What does this mean for your retail store? It means your store can positively affect buyer behavior if the space is neat, free of clutter, and clean. A clean retail store will more likely put a shopper in a better mood to make that purchase. Cleanliness goes beyond product shelves, displays, and floors, too. Areas like restrooms, fitting rooms, mannequins, display cases, and light fixtures can be a distraction for your business if they aren’t properly cleaned. You can hire a retail cleaning service that offers a deeper, more thorough clean to help your store sparkle.


2. It Makes a Good Impression on Customers

The cleanliness of a retail space affects buyer behavior, but did you know the outside of a business does too? A store’s physical appearance from the street affects a shopper’s decision whether to go in or not. In fact, more than half of consumers have avoided a business based on its external appearance. And because about 80% of consumers are willing to shop at new stores, it’s important to attract them to your store and keep them coming back. To make sure your storefront is tidy and clean, have a retail store commercial cleaning company wash windows frequently and window displays, so your products shine and attract more customers.


3. It Elevates the Brand

What do shoppers want in a retail store? An elevated experience. They’re looking for stores that smell clean, are well-lit, have clean checkout areas and have well-maintained restrooms. By making cleanliness a priority, especially in these areas, you have the opportunity to connect with consumers and keep them coming back. In fact, a study showed that 93% of shoppers who chose a competitor because of unmet cleanliness expectations would give a retailer another chance if they made cleanliness a priority. Keep your employees focused on how they can improve the experience of your store versus deep cleaning tasks by hiring a commercial cleaning company to go above and beyond your daily clean by:
  • Scrubbing and polishing hard floors 
  • Deep cleaning upholstery and store furniture 
  • Cleaning large storefront windows

4. It Deters Theft

Unfortunately, theft is a problem for retailers small and large. However, keeping products and displays tidy helps to deter theft. If a shoplifter enters your business and opens a package to take the product, they’ll likely throw the packaging somewhere in the store as soon as they can. If your shelves and racks are messy, imagine how easy it would be for a shoplifter to drop the packaging in a cluttered area and leave. Discarded packaging is much more noticeable when your sales floor is clean and your product displays are tidy.

5. Employees Are Happier

Would you want to return to a workplace that is consistently messy and dirty? If you want your employees to be happy and energized when they come to work, their physical workspace should be clean and inviting. Over 90% of workers admitted that their productivity and mental well-being suffers when their physical workspace is lacking. Get rid of clutter, keep break rooms and offices free of dirt and grime, provide plenty of comfortable seating, and add a few plants to brighten the space. Employees that can come into a fresh and inviting space everyday can focus on providing a top-notch experience for customers. 

To help you create a positive customer experience that boosts your brand, Coverall’s franchised business owners use the latest cleaning tools and techniques to combat dust, reduce germs and create a fresh-smelling shopping experience. If you’re looking for a superior retail cleaning service with history and expertise behind its national brand, contact us today.
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