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Freedom & Flexibility with Coverall

A 9-to-5 job; clocking in and out and reporting to several supervisors can easily take a toll on you over the course of your career. It’s time to take more control over your future and your lifestyle. One solution is starting your own independent business.

Franchises afford the flexibility to choose where you work, the hours you set and who you work with. Fear of failure, finances and the need for a steady paycheck are a few of the reasons many people cite as a reason for holding them back from starting their own company. An investment in a franchise helps alleviates many of those concerns.

While risk and change can be a deterrent, commercial cleaning franchise businesses, like Coverall®, may provide a road map to success, business support and the potential for a pipeline of customers. That structure and support system increase the odds of launching a successful business.

There are tremendous opportunities and benefits that can come with opening your own business. Many franchised business owners experience increased flexibility in their personal lives, have a passion to build a business and the chance to realize the American dream of business independence. These are just some of the possible benefits of running your own business, and why Coverall is experiencing a spike in interest from entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur recently explored the benefits of opening a franchise versus a business. There is no denying that it takes a lot of hard work to grow on your own as an independent business owner, but support, a proven business model and fewer uncertainties sure do help.

Here’s your chance to meet some of our franchised business owners and read their stories about growing a business and having a more flexible lifestyle. Our recent Franchised Business Owner of the Year, Paul Bolz of Pinnacle Office Services, says, “Commercial cleaning is often viewed as either a “mom and pop,” or a huge company endeavor. We have found that there is a nice middle-ground for people looking to run their own businesses. My advice is to take the plunge.”
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