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4 Signs it's Time to Switch Commercial Office Cleaning Companies

Are you entrusting a professional commercial cleaning company to help your office look its best? An office cleaning service should make your workplace look polished and possibly help keep your staff healthier. 

You should be able to count on them to meet or exceed your expectations and deliver on everything they promise. Unfortunately, that is not always the experience with office cleaning companies. Worrying that the job will not be done right can cause you undue stress – and you likely have enough on your plate already!

You  should be able to count on all of the factors listed below when it comes to getting your office professionally cleaned. If you find that’s not the case, then you might want to find a new office cleaning company you can trust to do the job right.

1. Cleaning consistency

Are you coming to work some days and finding that not everything is as clean as it should be? Are you rushing to do additional cleaning in the morning before your customers or visitors arrive? If you get the clean you want sometimes, but not every time, that’s not good enough. A trustworthy company should hit the same spots with the same level of detail each time.

2. Open communication

Are you able to reach your cleaning company when you need to? At any point, if you have any concerns, or want to adjust your services, you should know how to reach them. They should answer your calls, provide prompt responses, and proactively make recommendations to anticipate your needs.

3. Delivering on their business promises

When you do business, you deliver what you promise to your clients or customers. You should be able to expect that companies you hire will do the same. Take a look at your contract and confirm that the costs and services  are living up to your agreement.

4. Do they offer additional services? 

If you need grout cleaning, carpet cleaning or other special cleaning tasks, can you add these to your existing contract? Or do you need to find another company to complete these other jobs? Things will go more smoothly when you can trust one company to handle all the cleaning services you need, including one-time or occasional tasks.  

How Coverall’s Franchise Business Owners Deliver

Coverall has independent franchise business owners in communities across the U.S. and puts their faith in each one to represent the Coverall brand. All cleaning business franchisees are highly trained in Coverall’s proprietary cleaning methods, using our high-quality, commercial cleaning products. 

You can expect consistency, reliability, and strong communication for all your office cleaning needs. Because when it comes to your commercial cleaning company, you should have the complete peace of mind that comes from a thorough, consistent clean.

Ready to Make the Switch Today?

Get a professional, hassle-free commercial clean from Coverall's independent franchise business owners, who deliver a professional, consistent, thorough clean every single time. If your business has multiple national locations, we can handle them all with our large network of independent franchise business owners. Contact us today for a free quote.
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