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Better First Impressions: Getting Your Office Space Ready for Guests

As soon as clients and customers step through the front door of your office, they are assessing your business. To make a good impression, your space needs to look and smell the part. If you’ve been tasked with ensuring your office space or facility is in tip-top shape before an important client visit or meeting, consider hiring an office janitorial service. They should be paying attention to the following areas and problem spots, because as we all know – you only have one chance to make a good first impression. 

Streak Free Windows

Don’t let streaky, dirty windows diminish the reputation of your office. Not only do clean windows make a good first impression, they also let natural light into the office – making it feel brighter and more welcoming. Don’t forget that glass doors can also feature unsightly fingerprints. An office janitorial service should be wiping away these streaks and spots as part of an On-Demand cleaning service, not just before a client or customer walkthrough.

Squeaky Clean Floors

If your office has multiple entry points and heavy foot traffic, chances are your floors have dirt and debris, even if employees are diligent about wiping their feet as they enter the office. Avoid letting dirt, snow or mud tracked in from outside make a bad impression on your company. Hiring a reliable commercial cleaning service means you can have someone else focus on the floors, so you can focus on your daily tasks. 

Empty Trash Cans

Overflowing trash cans are signs of office neglect – definitely not the vibes you want your workplace to be giving off while hosting a VIP. Moreover, trash cans filled to the brim can also smell, thanks to old food and other waste. Avoid the embarrassment and make sure trash cans don’t get out of control by having them emptied daily.

Banish the Dust

Dust particles might not seem like a big deal, but imagine an important client has to leave your office or a business pitch is cut short simply because the client can’t stand the dust in the room. You want clients and customers focusing on your products, ideas and services, not on the dust or air quality of your workplace. Dusting with microfiber cloths is a great a way for an office janitorial service to trap dust particles so they’re not floating in the air.

Truly impressing customers, clients and your boss means paying acute attention to detail. With all the everyday tasks on your work to-do list, let a commercial cleaning service like Coverall focus on the cleanliness of your office.
The Coverall Core 4® Process leverages a combination of advanced disinfecting chemistry, tools and cleaning protocols that help make your space not only smell clean, but thoroughly removes dirt and grime – helping your office make a great first impression on anyone who walks through the door. 

Contact Coverall today to get an office janitorial service for your place of business.
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