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What it Takes to Be a High-Performance Franchisee

U.S. franchise industry growth has continued to gain momentum, with some 26,000 new franchise establishments expected to be added and another 8.3 million franchise employees expected to be hired by the end of 2021. A business model that merges the best features of small business and big corporations, new Franchise Owners are set up with the necessary tools for success. Whether those new businesses will be high-performing is largely up to the Franchise Business Owners.

Franchises Provide a Reliable Roadmap and Support System

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, becoming a Franchise Business Owner is an appealing opportunity to control their destiny and run their own businesses while enjoying the support and resources of an established brand.  Instant brand recognition and invaluable industry guidance are just some of the benefits Coverall® -- a leading commercial cleaning franchise brand with over 8,000 independent business owners across the nation offers prospective owners.

By aligning with the Coverall brand, Franchise Owners are privy to the expertise, knowledge, and potential pitfalls that would otherwise be gleaned through trial and error. Coverall Franchise Owners also avoid much of the overhead associated with start-up business such as brick and mortar rent, manufacturing, inventory, and shipping expenses. Coverall provides Franchise Owners a proven roadmap to follow, extensive training, and personal mentorship on all aspects of running a successful commercial cleaning franchise.

By leveraging the support and training of a trusted brand that fosters growth, Franchise Owners have most of the advantages of business ownership without having to go it alone.

Traits of a High-Performance Franchise Business Owner

Becoming a high-performance franchise involves more than investment capital and determination.  What does it take to be a high-performance franchise? Here are a few keys to help promote franchise success, according to the International Franchise Association:
  • Follow the franchisor’s roadmap without deviation to ensure quality
  • Have a passion for the brand and the service it provides
  • Recruit good employees and treat them with respect
  • Rotate tedious jobs and offer routine performance reviews
  • Take care of your people: invest in the training of your staff
  • Take advantage of franchisor training and ask for help when needed
  • Take a hands-on approach and be a role model for your team
  • Pay close attention to your capital needs
  • Be ready to work long hours, but don’t neglect family and friends
  • Get involved with your local community to foster relationships with potential customers and generate new referrals
  • Stay focused on providing excellent customer service

Top-Performing Coverall Franchise Owners

It takes a lot of grit, hard work, and dedication to help a business reach its full potential and owning a commercial cleaning franchise is no different. At Coverall, our most successful Franchise Owners are always willing to go the extra mile, whether it’s mentoring their employees or working alongside staff to ensure a gold-standard clean for customers.

A prime example of a high-performing Franchise Owner is Juan Peralta, owner of Juan A. Peralta, Inc., (d.b.a Coverall), who received the Coverall Franchise Business Owner of the Year Award. Over the past 22 years, Juan has grown his Minneapolis-based franchise substantially, and currently employs over 45 people.
Like all business owners, Peralta was impacted by the pandemic, but was quick to identify and grow his business’ capacity for additional services that would keep his franchise afloat during uncertain times. He invested in Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayers so he could provide On-Demand cleaning services to his customers in the event of a contamination. This business pivot exemplifies the savvy strategies high-performing franchises must employ to grow their businesses.  

Coverall also recognized Ana Avalos-Gonzalez, Owner of A and T Cleaning, LLC and Lesbia and Doug Reyes, Owners of Odette’s Janitorial Service for their outstanding achievements. Each of these owners have demonstrated that hard work and dedication to running and managing their own businesses will take them far and help them reach their goals.

Is Owning a Franchise Right for You?

Owning a franchise is a viable path to business ownership for the self-motivated. The decision to become a commercial cleaning Franchise Owner is life-changing, and it’s crucial to do your research first. Get started with the Coverall franchise ownership guide and contact us with any questions.
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