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Pricing Factors that Influence Your Commercial Cleaning Quote

If you’re actively reaching out to commercial cleaning companies for quotes, you probably have some questions about the quote process and what goes into it. Some commercial cleaning companies put together their quote based on square footage, others have flat hours, and others charge hourly rates. In this guide, we break down those common pricing factors so you can receive an accurate first quote for the commercial cleaning services you need. 

Size of Location

The size of your office or building is the most common factor that will affect your cleaning quote. Some commercial cleaning services use cost per square foot, others use an hourly rate. If your office is larger, it will take more time to clean than a smaller space, so you can expect your quote to be higher. 


How often you’ll require cleaning services will also affect your pricing. Will you need services weekly? Once or twice a month? If you’re trying to figure out how frequent you should have your workplace cleaned, think of the number of visitors and customers you receive, the nature of your business and how many employees you have on staff. Offer this information to your office cleaning company during the quote phase and they will be able to recommend how often your office will require a clean.

Number of Cleaning Tasks 

A 2,000 square foot office that needs light cleaning will likely have a very different quote than an office of the same size that needs regular weekly cleaning and deep cleaning twice a month. Whether your workplace is a business center, retail store, medical facility, or other space, each industry will have high touchpoint areas that require attention. The number of tasks that need to be completed per visit will influence your commercial cleaning quote. 

Some areas that need attention for most industries include:
  • Dusting and cleaning surfaces
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping
  • Trash removal

Your business may require additional tasks such as:
  • Preventative maintenance for high-traffic floor areas
  • Removing stains on floors
  • Cleaning breakroom appliances
  • Restocking paper products in bathrooms
  • Polishing furniture and individual product wipe down
In commercial cleaning, a germ-free and healthy environment is vital to your business. Whether you’re charged by square foot or by hour, the cleaning tasks you need for your office will largely affect your quote. 

Number of Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Windows

Bathrooms, kitchens, and windows are usually more time-consuming and complex than dusting and wiping areas like lobbies, offices, and hallways. If your office has more windows, bathrooms, and kitchens that must be cleaned and disinfected, your cleaning quote will be different, that’s why your quote should be customized.   

When creating a quote for commercial cleaning, most companies will conduct an inspection of your workplace first so they can determine the amount of work needed for your space based on your requests. You’ll also be able to talk about what services you’d like and how often they should be done. This is an important step for creating a custom cleaning quote based on your needs. To check you’re getting a fair quote, get estimates from more than one cleaning service to compare them. Ask each commercial cleaning company about their experience and the cleaning methods they use. 

As you’re doing your research, learn more about the specifics of a Coverall clean and contact us for a customized quote. A walk-through should be done to provide your customized quote based on the size of your work space, number of bathrooms, kitchen and windows, and additional needed tasks.
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