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Deciding if Franchise Ownership is Right for You

When you're considering a new profession or business venture, you are faced with many questions. As you think about franchise ownership, one of the toughest questions to answer is whether you’re compatible with the franchise business you are considering.
It's no secret that franchise ownership offers many benefits, especially when you choose an in-demand industry like commercial cleaning. However, it takes the right fit, and the right situation, at the right time to “click” with a franchise like Coverall. To learn what that means and how to evaluate your own situation, read on.

Are You Compatible with the Franchise?

Having supported franchise business owners for more than 35 years, we can say strong compatibility between the individual and the franchisor yields the best experiences. As you explore your options, keep these questions in mind:

Notice none of these questions ask about commercial cleaning experience, business experience or education level. Your compatibility, determination and positive attitude matter more than your resume.

Are You in the Right Situation to Buy a Franchise Business?

Consider where you are now and where you want to go next. Perhaps you already know you want to start some kind of business and work for yourself. Maybe you’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike you for a great invention or totally original business venture. You might progress faster toward your goal by choosing franchise ownership instead.
According to Forbes contributor and workforce diversity consultant Serenity Gibbons, “Franchising gives you the benefits of entrepreneurship without many of the associated risks.” Franchise business ownership makes a great option if you:

  • Have the desire to own a business but not the experience

  • Have capital to invest but haven’t hit on that million-dollar idea

  • Want a turnkey option so you can get right to work

  • Want to invest but not in a “get rich quick” scheme

  • Envision growing over time but at your own pace

  • Can see yourself providing an essential service to your community

Investing in a Coverall franchise business meets all of these needs, since you get thorough training and support. It’s not only an investment opportunity but your own business.

Is Now a Good Time to Start a Franchise Business?

How do you know when it’s the right time to start a franchise business? When you’re ready for a change in whatever you’re doing currently, it’s a good time to explore franchise ownership. This can look different for every individual, but it might be time if you:

  • Are currently between jobs

  • Feel burned out on 9-to-5 work

  • Have family obligations that would benefit from a more flexible schedule

  • Are retired but want to keep working

  • Have been talking to friends or family members about going into business together

  • Want to have more control over your future

In addition to these personal considerations, it’s important to know there has never been a better time to get into the commercial cleaning business. Companies recognize the need for professional, hospital grade cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing more than ever before, due to COVID-19. They need and want a healthy workplace, cleaned in accordance with CDC recommendations, in order to help keep their employees and customers safe from germs.

Why Choose a Coverall Commercial Cleaning Franchise?

A Coverall commercial cleaning franchise is a turnkey business model that allows you to provide an essential service in high demand. We welcome individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to seize opportunity when it knocks. You don’t need any previous cleaning or business experience, since we train and guide you every step of the way. Your training will include our Core 4 process, a proprietary program based on CDC and AORN guidelines and protocols, to help make your customers’ workplaces safer.
Coverall has helped thousands of new business owners pursue their goals. Contact us today to get started.

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