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How Medical Cleaning Services Enhance Patient and Employee Well-Being

There is no room for error when it comes to choosing a company to provide medical cleaning services for your workplace. Patients and visitors expect your office to not only look and smell good, but to also have systems and processes in place to reduce the spread of germs and illnesses. A health-based cleaning system that ensures a germ-free, healthy environment can literally be the difference between life and death. Here’s a list of key reasons why a clean medical facility can enhance your patients’ care and employee well-being. 

Reason #1: Keeping Germs Under Control

Whether you work in a pediatrician’s office, dialysis center, outpatient center or a hospital, medical facilities are high-traffic areas for sick visitors. For this reason, you should make sure the company providing your cleaning services uses health-based cleaning techniques to capture airborne pathogens, eliminate cross-contamination, and prevent the spread of bacteria from one surface to another. A Coverall clean is built on AORN and CDC processes that offer a medical grade, thorough and consistent clean every time.

Reason #2: Addressing High-Touch Points

Ensuring your lobby and exam rooms are safe and sanitary means paying special attention to areas patients come in contact with, such as doorknobs, handles, bed side rails and tables, as well as light switches. To prevent bacteria from spreading, chemicals and disinfectants should be EPA-approved and feature correct and up-to-date packaging and labels. Microfiber cloths should be used to reduce cross contamination by trapping dust and particles. These are necessary components of preventing the spread of illnesses across your medical facility, veterinarian center, or dental office. 

Reason #3: Helping to Protect Employees

Patients are not the only ones exposed to sickness when spending hours at an office that’s not properly cleaned. Employees that are in contact with patients every day are also at risk. A clean and healthy environment can help protect your employees from illness, boosting employee morale and productivity. Providing them a clean work environment could also reduce employee turnover rates. 

Reason #4: Complying with Regulations

Medical offices must adhere to certain cleaning standards to comply with laws and regulations. Besides making sure employees are trained to follow these procedures, it’s crucial to confirm your cleaning service is adhering to these strict health regulations. The people providing your commercial cleaning services should follow the guidelines set by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN). Hazardous materials should be properly disposed, chemicals should be stored in safe places and cross contamination always needs to be avoided.  Knowing and complying with regulations for medical offices is essential to avoiding costly fines and keeping patients and staff safe.

When it comes to choosing a company to provide medical cleaning services and take charge of your office’s cleanliness, there is no room for error. You need to make sure you are working with a company that knows what is needed for the safety of your patients and employees.

Coverall’s Health-Based Cleaning System® uses the technology and methods necessary to reduce the spread of germs and illness. 

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