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Get To Know Lino Murillo, Owner Of One Main Janitorial LLC

Lino Murillo is a fitting example of what can be accomplished with a vision, hard work and determination.  After seven years of being a business Owner, he was recently named Coverall’s Franchise Business Owner of the Year.

Throughout his seven years owning a Coverall franchise, he has stayed the course, put trust in the Coverall® process and has been steadily growing his business.

Lino attributes his success to solidifying relationships with his customers, employees and the Fresno, CA Coverall Support Center. He has 80 customers and is committed to training his employees extremely well on the Coverall systems used to deliver a superior clean. He also spends a good amount of time speaking with his customers and fostering relationships.

When asked about being named Franchise Business Owner of the Year, Lino said, “It’s a great honor and it feels like all the hard work paid off. I have the independence one has only dreamt about. Coverall trained us and gave us the blueprint to run our own business.”

Lino has a strong conviction and determination to constantly invest back into his business. He has acquired every piece of equipment one could have to provide his customers with nearly every type of   cleaning application. His investment allows him to not only clean, disinfect and sanitize his customers’ spaces, he is able to perform carpet and upholstery extraction, strip, refinish and buff hard flooring, scrub grout, and perform deep disinfecting cleans. Investing back into his business through equipment and training allows his business to grow, as well as provides his customers with the value of increasing the lifespan of their assets by cleaning and maintaining them with On-Demand Cleaning Services and Preventative Maintenance Services.

He also is an incredible mentor to other Franchise Business Owners in his region. He’s been known to let his fellow Franchise Business Owners shadow him in the field while his providing On-Demand and Preventative Cleaning Services so that they can build confidence in delivering those services to customers. He wants to share his experience and knowledge to help others reach the level of success that he has been able to achieve.

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Posted: 9/20/2022 6:46:41 AM by Stephen Massaro | with 0 comments