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The Complete Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

Working in a medical office can be a demanding experience. Patients need to be cared for, paperwork must be filed and doctors have long lists of expectations. Since you’re juggling multiple tasks throughout the day, it can be difficult to find the right commercial cleaning company that specializes in servicing medical facilities.

Dirty or unsanitary workspaces can have serious consequences, such as loss of medical licenses and patients. The right commercial cleaning company can keep spaces tidy, all while helping to reduce the spread of germs, complying with strict regulations and providing a pleasant environment for patients. Before hiring office janitorial services, ensure they attend to the following spaces in a medical office:


Debris-Free Floors

Dirt, dust or debris on medical facility floors isn’t just unsanitary – it’s also dangerous. Working in a medical facility can be fast paced and staff or patients could trip or slip if a floor isn’t properly cleaned, causing injury or opening the potential for lawsuits. Hire a commercial cleaner who thoroughly vacuums dirt and dust from the floor. Coverall cleaning professionals use a HEPA vacuum to improve indoor air quality and to better capture 99.97% of dust particles throughout your workplace.  


Waiting Room Care

Patients base their first impressions of your medical facility on the waiting room. This space needs to be clean and inviting so patients will feel comfortable. Part of creating that welcoming environment is clean, stain-free and fresh smelling waiting room furniture. You will want to use a professional commercial cleaning service that wipes down furniture daily to reduce the spread of germs and can provide upholstery preventative cleaning services every so often to keep fabric and furniture in the waiting room looking its best.


Sanitary Restrooms

Restrooms are notorious for being hotspots for germs, but it’s even more of an issue for medical offices and hospitals. A commercial cleaning company should ensure restrooms are sanitary, sparkling and fresh smelling, by using hospital-grade disinfectants. These disinfectants should be EPA-registered chemicals and come in OSHA packing and labels. Another best practice for properly sanitizing restrooms is using a no-dip flat mop. These mops are special because they clean hard-to-reach places, never use dirty water and reduce cross-contamination.


Sanitary Trash Collection

Unlike a standard office, medical facilities need commercial cleaners who are trained to dispose of trash containing bodily fluids like blood in addition to other waste such as food wrappers and drinks. Failing to properly dispose of items that can contain pathogens could put the health of employees and patients at risk. It can also lead to compliance issues since OSHA requires medical facilities to properly dispose of items that could contain bloodborne pathogens.


Neat Breakrooms

Medical staffers work hard and they deserve a clean place to prepare their food and take a break. An effective commercial cleaner won’t just focus on areas patients see, they will also give attention to breakrooms and office kitchens. They should be wiping down surface areas like counter tops and tables in addition to areas that staffers touch a lot such as sink faucets and cabinet handles.


High Handle Areas

There are certain areas in any medical office that are hot spots for germs, mainly because so many people touch these areas. You will want to hire a commercial cleaning company that uses a disinfectant to wipe down popular spots such as light switches, door handles, clipboards and telephones. Microfiber cloths should be used to trap the dirt and dust during the wipe down process. 

Not just any medical facility janitorial and cleaning service will do. You will need a professional company that is trained in medical facility cleaning protocols to garner the best results for your clients and co-workers. 
Coverall’s proprietary Core 4 ® Process improves infection control and enhances patient care by eliminating the spread of germs among patients, workers and visitors. Coverall’s reliable network of franchise business owners utilize AORN and CDC processes. Get a Coverall clean for your medical facility by asking for a commercial cleaning quote today.

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